Tactical Solutions TSG-22 22 Long Rifle Conversion for Medium-Frame Glock Pistols

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

March 20th, 2013


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Tactical Solutions TSG-22, with Tactical Solutions Cascade sound suppressor.















Tactical Solutions of Boise, Idaho now has in production their 22 conversion units for the medium-framed Glocks; the Models, 19, 23, 32, and 38. The Tactical Solutions conversion is a well-built, all-steel slide and barrel that replaces the top end on a Glock. Installing the TacSol unit is as easy as removing the slide and replacing it on a Glock, and takes only a few seconds to do so. The unit ships with either a ten or a fifteen round magazine. Living in a relatively free state, mine has the fifteen round magazine.

The conversion unit being built primarily of steel allows the pistol to keep pretty close to the same balance and feel as the original Glock centerfire pistol, which makes for a great way to get in some inexpensive practice. 22 Long Rifle ammunition is much less-costly to shoot than is any centerfire cartridge, and the TacSol unit will quickly pay for itself in ammunition cost, while providing a lot of fun doing so.

The TSG-22 unit shown here has the 4.3 inch threaded barrel, but a 3.9 inch non-threaded version is available as well. The threads are standard 1/2x28 TPI, so attaching an accessory such as a muzzle brake or sound suppressor is easy to do. I like to use my Tactical Solutions Cascade sound suppressor on mine. This is a very good can for use with a 22 rimfire pistol or rifle, and has served me well for several years now.

As mentioned above, the TSG-22 unit installs quickly without tools, and I attached it atop a Glock 23 frame, loaded the magazine, and commenced shooting. I at first experienced a few failures-to-feed in the first magazine, but after about twelve shots had been fired, the weapon ran flawlessly after that, with the exception of two cartridges which failed to fire. They had good indentations on the rim from the striker, so the blame for those failures lies with the ammunition. The TSG-22 shoots very accurately; more accurately than I can hold, and would serve well as a hunting or informal target pistol, as well as an understudy for a centerfire Glock. After those early problems, the Tactical Solutions TSG-22 conversion ran perfectly. I really like CCI Blazer bulk ammo for practice. It is very reliable, and priced as well as the other bulk ammunition available. The bullets in that ammo are a full 40 grains, and I think that really helps reliability. Pricing on the TacSol TSG-22 units starts at $395 US as of the date of this review. There are cheaper 22 conversion units available, but I have found none that run as reliably as do these TSG-22 units.

Checkout the Tactical Solutions TSG-22 conversion units online at www.tacticalsol.com, or click HERE  to find a Tactical Solutions dealer near you.

Jeff Quinn

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