SuperKnife: A Great Idea In A Neat Package
by Greg Quinn

photography by Greg Quinn

May 12th, 2003



The Gunblast boys are still playing catch-up from the Shot Show. 

It’s been almost 3 months since the Show of all Shows for the firearms and related industries, but with all the new items and testing articles placed upon Gunblast, we’re just getting through the backlog.  Tough job, huh, getting to play with all the latest and greatest merchandise in the industry, and write articles about how good (or not so good) the products are!  In any event, the topic of this article is one of the novel products that we discovered at the Shot Show, and one I haven’t put down too many times since I got it.

As I mentioned in another article, while Jeff and Boge were playing with all the new guns, I spent a great deal of time at the Show (as I do each year) investigating novel and new products that would be of interest to the loyal readership.  One such product is the SuperKnife.

With their slogan “the ultimate utility”, I almost overlooked their booth at the Show.  Something drew me to the small booth with very unsuspecting looking knives on display.  As I opened one of the nicely-sculptured anodized aluminum cases, I was in for a treat.  Instead of a typical knife blade in a lock-blade design, I found a unique holder for disposable razor (box-cutter type) blades.  A folding lock blade utility knife!  I realized then, as I have many times, that this is one of those things that I wish I had invented.  Too late, but I’m glad that someone did.

How many times have you been opening a box with a good pocketknife and wish you’d had a utility knife?  How many times have you been landscaping, cutting landscape fabric with a traditionally designed utility knife and long for something more convenient to carry and use?  What about when hunting, and needing a sharper knife than the one in your sheath?  Or breaking a blade and needing another readily available?  Or sharpening pencils, laying carpet, fishing, wallpapering, whittling, opening mail in the office, cutting a thread off a suit, trimming weed-eater line, cutting fresh flowers, etc?  Wouldn’t it be great to have a folding utility knife, with replaceable blades, that you can stick in your pocket, clip to your jeans, or carry in a sheath?  I didn’t know there was such a thing, until 3 months ago.  Now, this SuperKnife has become a very handy and practical tool, one that I don’t intend to be without when working or playing when a sharp and disposable blade is needed.

The SuperKnife was developed by RDR Tools.  Founded in 1998 by engineers, designers and fabricators, this company came together to look for a better way to design practical tools.  They’ve hit a homer with their SuperKnife.

In short, the SuperKnife is a hybrid of a convenient pocket knife and a utility knife.  Construction consists of a nicely done anodized aluminum case, stainless steel clips and hex-head screws, and a unique “blade” which is actually a holder for traditional utility knife razors.  The SuperKnife comes in several colors.  A carrying case is an option, and one I recommend, as it holds the SuperKnife (like a sheath for a folding hunter), plus their unique 2N1 Tool and replacement razor blades. This sheath includes a versatile stainless steel belt clip, and is constructed of durable black ballistic nylon. 

The 2N1 Tool contains a neat little 2-pronged head that is used to adjust the opening mechanism on the knife, and a hex-head screw where the knife can be taken apart, or the blade can be removed and replaced.  Innovative and designed to make the SuperKnife and the 2N1 Tool a very handy team.

In addition to their SuperKnife product, RDR has designed a “Mini-SuperKnife”, folding to a small 1.75” and carries mini utility blades.  I have not yet handled one of these, but intend to.  While it seems too small to replace my full-sized SuperKnife, it would be a great addition to a key chain. 

The SuperKnife can be purchased on their website for only $24.95.  The SuperKnife Carrying Case sells for $9.99.  Their Mini-SuperKnife sells on their website for $11.95.  Their Super Parts Pack (extra 2N1 tool, screws, etc.) sells for a mere $2.00.

I recommend you get yourself one of these nifty little tools, and buy a few extra for gifts.  When your friends see yours, you’ll either give them one or lose the one you are carrying.

Check them out online at

Greg Quinn


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