StormWerkz Folding Stock Adapter & Picatinny Rail for the ArmaLite AR-180B Semi-Auto Rifle


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

January 23rd, 2008




A few days ago, I reviewed the ArmaLite AR-180B rifle. In the text of that review, I stated that I had some parts on the way from StormWerkz that would adapt the fixed buttstock of the 180B to a folding version, very much like the original AR-18 and AR-180 rifles. The folding stock was a very good feature of those original rifles, but the AR-180B does not have that option from the factory. I also mentioned that StormWerkz had a Picatinny rail that would mount atop the 180B to allow much more latitude in choosing an optical sight for the AR-180B rifle. In that review, I promised to do an update when the parts arrived from StormWerkz. However, after receiving the parts and looking at the quality, I thought that a stand-alone review would be best, instead of just tacking it onto the bottom of the rifle review. By doing so, I can use more pictures, showing the installation process for the folding stock.

First, StormWerkz offers two lengths of Picatinny rail scope bases. Both are of the same high quality anodized aluminum construction, and allow quick installation and removal, just like the ArmaLite mount. However, the StormWerkz mount offers the versatility of the Picatinny design. Any device, such as scope rings, ACOG bases, laser mounts, or anything Picatinny compatible can attach to the top of the StormWerkz base, be instantly removed and reinstalled without tools, and will return to zero every time. The tapered design of the base where it attaches to the rifle does not loosen, but gets tighter under recoil. It is a very good system, and I do not know why it was never used on more rifle designs. Anyway, the StormWerkz Picatinny rail is a very welcome accessory for the AR-180B.

Now to the folding stock adapter. One of the advantages of the AR-180 over the AR-15 design is that the stock does not contain a spring and buffer tube. This allows for a folding stock, and the StormWerkz kit accomplishes this perfectly. The parts are well-crafted and built to last. The parts are machined out of aluminum, finished in a hard-coat black, and comes with all the hardware needed to install. StormWerkz makes several adaptors for original AR-180 rifles as well as for the AR-180B. They also make adaptors to affix a telescopic AR-15 buttstock to the rifles. I wanted the kit to adapt the standard AR-180B stock to a side-folder, so those are the parts that I used. A few simple tools are needed. You will need a inch hex wrench that can reach into the buttstock, a hacksaw or other suitable saw to cut the plastic stock plug from the receiver, and a file or sander to smooth the cut. When I ordered the folding stock adaptor, I did not know that any alteration to the receiver would be needed. That is not a problem, as the cut is very easy to make, and takes just a few minutes, but the problem was that this AR-180B still belongs to ArmaLite. Looks like I will be sending a check instead of returning the rifle. I had intended to buy it anyway, but there is nothing like cutting on a loaner gun to seal that commitment! Anyway, the installation was easy, and took about thirty minutes total, with me stopping to take pictures along the way.

I am very satisfied with both the Picatinny rail and the folding stock adaptor from StormWerkz, and I highly recommend these accessories to anyone who owns an ArmaLite AR-180 or an AR-180B.

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Jeff Quinn


Picatinny scope mount.

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StormWerkz AR-180B folding stock adapter.



Assortment of adapters to change factory stock to a folder, and to attach an AR-15 telescopic buttstock.



Factory stock plug needs to be cut from rear of receiver.



To install the StormWerkz stock adapter, first fasten stock adapter to receiver...



...then fasten folder adapter to the stock adapter with the large threaded hole towards the bottom...



...then fasten stock plug to folder adapter.



It's as simple as that, and the entire operation takes only minutes.





Weapon can be fired with the stock folded, even left-handed.



Adapters to fit an AR-15 telescopic buttstock to the AR-180B.