Heavy Duty "Storm Cases" from Hardigg Industries

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

April 27th, 2004




Every shooter and hunter eventually needs to transport a firearm. Whether it be for a trip to the range, or a trip around the world, a suitable gun case can be anything from an old sock to a heavy-duty dedicated hard case.  I will admit to using socks on handguns at times, but after bouncing around a bit, a sock offers little protection, and some of the soft gun cases available are not much better. I frequently travel with both handguns and long guns, and I have found that a good gun case is much more than a luxury; it is a necessity.

Some jurisdictions require that a gun be encased and unreachable while traveling through their little piece of the world, but legalities aside, it is still a good idea to have your firearms secured for their own protection. It doesn’t take much bouncing around in a car trunk or behind a pickup seat to ruin the finish on a good firearm. A good case will keep your guns from rubbing against each other or against other objects that are nearby. If you ever need to transport a firearm while traveling by air, a secure, durable case is required by regulations, and is absolutely necessary to protect your guns from rough handling.

Soft gun cases and cheap hard cases like those available from discount stores offer little protection, and are useless for any situation in which the firearm will be subjected to rough handling. They also offer no protection against moisture, whether it be from rain or high humidity. A cheap case is better than nothing, but there are much better choices available.

We recently received here at Gunblast a few hard cases from Hardigg Industries. Hardigg specializes in hard impact resistant cases for industrial and military use. They manufacture cases for expensive electronic, optical, and military equipment that is subject to very rough handling, including being dropped from aircraft. Among their product line, and of concern to us here, are a few cases ideally suited to transport and protect firearms. They call these cases "Storm Cases".

Unlike cheap hard cases made of thin soft plastic, Hardigg uses thick, heavy, and durable resins to make the shells of their Storm Cases.  The hardware and hinges are also heavy duty. The latches are among the easiest  to use, while offering better security against accidental opening than most. A button in the center of the latch is pushed before the large latch can be pulled open. It is simple, and it works. The Storm Cases have multiple layers of dense foam inside, which allows the user to custom fit the inside for specific firearms, resulting in much greater security from movement within the case.

Their cases are offered in several colors and sizes, which can be seen in the photos. The largest rifle case will accommodate even the Armalite AR-30M .338 Lapua rifle, while the smaller rifle case sent to us is perfect for a sixteen inch barreled AR-15. Both rifle cases have heavy duty handles and wheels for easy transport. The orange case pictured will handily accommodate twelve handguns, and has a retractable handle and wheels. All Storm cases have a pressure release valve, to adjust for changing altitudes. They also are completely waterproof and airtight, due to an excellent seal around the lid perimeter.

If you are tired of using cheap, flimsy cases to protect your firearms, have a look at these Storm cases from Hardigg Industries.

Check out the entire range of sizes and styles available online at:   www.stormcase.com.

 Jeff Quinn


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