Beautiful, Rugged, Reliable, and Accurate Rifle Sights from Skinner Sights

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

January 12th, 2012




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Marlin 39 sight.



Apertures are removable and interchangeable, with a variety of aperture sizes available.

Aperture sights have been popular on rifles for several decades. Often referred to as “peep” sights, as one peeps through the aperture and focuses upon the front sight, these sights are very accurate in use. Long-range target shooters often use aperture sights to shoot at distant targets using antiquated cartridges in traditional-style single-shot rifles. Hunters have also come to rely upon dependable peep sights for use in rough terrain and inclement weather. An aperture sight is very rugged, even in hard use, and will not lose its setting after many miles riding in a pickup, ATV, or saddle scabbard, as some scopes tend to do. Aperture sights, even those with large apertures, are very accurate, allowing for much more precise aiming than an open sight out on the barrel. Most aperture sights are placed atop the receiver, and are especially appreciated on handy single-shot and lever-action rifles.

I have recently been introduced to Skinner Sights. I had heard of this company previously, and had seen one of their sights briefly a few months ago, but until a mutual friend brought them to my attention, I had not really looked closely at them. I am now glad that I did.

Skinner Sights makes some excellent aperture sights that are as beautifully elegant as they are practical. I especially like the two-tone “Black Gold” sights, combining blued steel and brass, for what are likely the classiest-looking aperture sights that I have ever seen. When I first saw a picture of one, I had to have it. Pictured here is the long “Skinner Express” sight, and it looks and functions perfectly atop my short-barreled Marlin 336 carbine. This Marlin wears an eighteen and one-half inch barrel, and placing a scope atop the receiver detracts from both the aesthetics and handiness of the little 30-30 carbine. The front sight is blued steel, slightly ramped into a serrated post configuration, and was easily fitted into the front sight ramp of the Marlin. Skinner sends the front sight a bit tall, so that the user can sight it in perfectly by carefully filing the top of the sight. The rear sight can still be adjusted to fine-tune the elevation by turning the aperture in or out, and the rear sight is also adjustable for windage correction.

Mounted atop my favorite rimfire rifle, my Marlin Century Limited Model 39 lever gun, the brass Skinner Sight adds both beauty and functionality to the handy little rifle. I am often asked the question; “If you could only have one rifle……….?”, which is a cruel question to ask a man, but the answer would be this Marlin Century Limited. I can do ninety-five percent of what I need to do with a rifle using a 22 rimfire, and this is my favorite rimfire rifle ever built. The Skinner Sight gives me much better practical accuracy with this handy little carbine, and the brass looks great with the other brass accents on this rifle. I have often pondered mounting a scope atop this sleek little Marlin, but a scope would detract from its handiness and trim lines. The Skinner looks perfectly at home atop this Marlin, and it will remain there as long as I own this rifle.

Skinner makes these sights for many lever-action and single-shot rifles, as well as the Rossi Circuit Judge revolving carbine/shotgun. The Skinner Sights are very affordable, functional, beautiful, and rugged. Skinner Sights are built right, and built from solid bar stock in Montana. They are available in brass, blued steel, or stainless. Several aperture sizes are available, and the sight can also be used without an aperture insert, for use as a “ghost ring” sight in low-light conditions. They are also backed by a thirty-day money-back guarantee, and will be repaired at no charge, if ever needed. You can’t beat a deal like that, and you can’t find a better, classier-looking sight at any price.

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Jeff Quinn

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Black Gold Skinner Express sight for Marlin 1895/336.



Sight set for the Rossi Circuit Judge revolving carbine/shotgun.



Barrel sights can be left in place, or removed if desired.