New Crocodile Skin Holsters from Simply Rugged


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

August 19th, 2010

UPDATED September 7th, 2010




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Boge was so taken with Jeff's Simply Rugged Crocodile holster that he immediately ordered one to fit his newly-acquired Navy Arms Schofield "Wells Fargo" model. The holster he chose was a full-flap "Flap Jack" holster; the "Flap Jack" is cool and versatile, as are all Rob Leahy's designs - the flap can be unsnapped (like a conventional flap holster), it can flip out of the way for the draw, or it can be easily removed and worn without the flap.

Simply Rugged crocodile-skin "Flap Jack" holster for Boge's 5" Navy Arms Schofield revolver.


Original Article...

I have been using high quality holsters from Simply Rugged Leather for several years now. I first discovered the work of Rob Leahy back in 2004, when Rob ran a one-man shop in Alaska. Since that time, the quality, beauty, and fair prices of Simply Rugged Leather has become widely known, and Rob now runs his shop in Arizona, with several good leather craftsmen under his guidance. I have a few of Robís holsters, and find them all to be practical and well-built, made of top-quality materials and expertly crafted. Most have little tooling, but all are well-finished and carry the handguns well, offering good protection, retention, and comfort.

Until now, most of Robís holsters were built out of heavy duty cowhide, with the occasional holster from alligator or sharkskin, but now Rob has found a good supply of beautiful crocodile leather, and the quality, toughness, and beauty of this stuff makes for a great-looking and practical holster. For the beauty, I will let the pictures speak to that, but the croc holsters are as rugged and durable as those made of bovine leather, if not more so. A crocodile lives a tough life, and if this material can take care of a 2000 pound twenty-foot crawling, swimming, fighting, eating machine, it can certainly keep my sidearm well-protected.

Like all Simply Rugged holsters, these croc skin holsters are hand-crafted, one at a time, custom built for your handgun. To order, go to, or give them a call at 928-227-0432.

With the addition of the crocodile skin holsters to their line, maybe Simply Rugged might consider a name-change to Simply Beautiful!

Jeff Quinn


Unprocessed holsters.





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Simply Rugged crocodile-skin holster for a Smith & Wesson 45 Colt Mountain Gun.