Custom QPR Ruger .44 Flattop "SHOOTISTS" Auction Revolver


by Jeff Quinn

January 19th, 2005

Updated August 16th, 2005





Since writing the first piece about this revolver, I have taken the knife to an expert in Raton, NM for appraisal. It is a Navajo-made piece, with an estimated value of $450. 

This exquisite sixgun, knife, sheath and presentation case was sold at auction on on August 15th, 2005. The auction netted $3,156.31 for the Shootists' charitable work. Our sincere appreciation to the successful bidder, and to all who bid.

Performing my arduous duties shooting and writing about guns for, I come across some interesting firearms from time to time. I find just about any quality firearm to be interesting to me, especially if it shoots well. Rarely, I get to see and handle an unusual specimen of a firearm; having features that really set it apart from the crowd. Then, even more rarely, a really extraordinary firearm will cross my path, one which is the epitome of the gun makers’ art. The subject of this piece is such a firearm.

This custom revolver was built on an original 1961 Ruger Flattop .44 Magnum frame, and retains the original chambering. The work was performed by Master Gunsmith Milton Morrison, owner and president of Qualite’ Pistol & Revolver (QPR) in Colorado. Milt builds custom revolvers and high quality parts for discriminating shooters, and built this particular revolver as a one-of-a-kind showpiece that was presented to the Shootists.

For those who are unfamiliar with The Shootists, a brief summary might be in order. The Shootists are a small group of like-minded individuals from all walks of life and diverse occupations who, for the last twenty years, have gathered once per year to shoot, talk, fellowship, and share experiences and new ideas. They are a select group, and membership is by invitation only. Besides some very fine gentlemen of whom you have never heard, they also include a few who are legendary in the firearms community. They are a group of men of whom I would trust any one of them to watch my back, my wallet, or my child. They could be described best as, like they say in their mission statement, someone you could "ride the river with", and I am proud that they have chosen to include me in their ranks.

Back to the firearm, it wears a beautifully casehardened frame that retains the original Micro rear sight that is matched to a dovetailed post front sight mounted at the end of the gorgeous nine inch half-hexagon/half-round barrel. This style of barrel looks as stunning on this revolver as it does on the fine old leverguns of the nineteenth century. The grip frame is of QPR manufacture, made of solid brass, and fitted with black micarta grips. The rest of the metal on the sixgun is finished in Milt’s high luster Black Diamond bluing.  The gun has a steel ejector rod housing, locking base pin, and bull's-eye ejector rod head. The left side of the barrel is marked in script: "Shootists". There are 18-carat inlaid gold bands around the rear of the cylinder and just ahead of the transition from hexagon to round on the barrel. It is exquisite!

Along with the sixgun is a mysterious custom knife, the maker of which is unknown, that displays beautiful craftsmanship in its design and execution. The revolver and knife are packaged in a beautiful display case.

This one-of-a-kind custom package is to be placed on auction in about one month, and we will place a link to that auction here on Gunblast. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures and start saving your coins. It is one of the finest examples of the gun makers art that I have ever handled!

To learn more about The Shootists, you can check out their website at:

For more information on Milt Morrison’s QPR parts and services, check him out online at:

Jeff Quinn

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Custom Ruger .44 "Flattop" revolver by Milton Morrison of Qualite' Pistol & Revolver (QPR).







This exquisite custom sixgun, cased with this beautiful custom-made knife, is to be auctioned off on behalf of the Shootists. Stay tuned to for auction details!