Savage Mark-II BV .22 Bolt Rifle with AccuTrigger


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

January 9th, 2006




Back in 2002, Savage Arms rocked the world of gun owners with the introduction of their AccuTrigger. The AccuTrigger was like a huge breath of fresh air to shooters who had become accustomed to lousy trigger pulls on new factory rifles from most gun manufacturers, including Savage. With the AccuTrigger, Savage gave shooters a trigger which could be adjusted down to a relatively light, crisp trigger release, yet was perfectly safe in that it would not discharge if dropped.  Introduced first on their target, law enforcement, and varmint rifles, the AccuTrigger was eventually incorporated into all of the Savage center fire and muzzleloader line.

In June of 2005, as I was touring the Savage factory in Westfield, Massachusetts, I was shown a new trigger assembly that was to become the AccuTrigger for their rimfire rifles, but was sworn to secrecy on the project. Now, Savage bolt-action rimfire rifles are being shipped with the AccuTrigger.

The model sent to me for evaluation is the Mark-II BV. The BV wears a brown laminated wood stock with cut checkering, and has a relatively heavy barrel, measuring eight-tenths of an inch at the muzzle. The BV is an impressive-looking rifle, with a nice even blue-black finish to the steel. The wood to metal fit is very good. The BV is constructed of blued steel and wood, with the exception of the magazine follower and trigger guard, which are plastic. The BV comes supplied with one steel five-shot magazine. The stock of the BV is fitted with sling swivel studs, just as should be any rifle, but sadly many are not. The barrel wears no open sights, but Savage has thoughtfully supplied the BV with scope mount bases which will accept any Weaver-style rings.  The twenty-one inch barrel wears a recessed target crown, and is rifled one turn in sixteen inches. The BV is a good feeling rifle, weighing in at just over six and one-half pounds. It has good balance, and carries easily. Many twenty-two rifles feel like toys. The BV does not.

The AccuTrigger is easily adjusted, and I set the pull on the test rifle to its lowest setting, which measured just under two pounds and two ounces, with a very crisp release. The safety is pushed forward to fire, and pulled to the rear to place the rifle "on safe". I like this style of safety lever much more than I do a crossbolt safety placed in the trigger guard, as is found on many rimfire rifles. The bolt lift is relatively low, about sixty degrees, and the base of the handle serves as the locking lug. Dual extractors and a spring-loaded ejector assure positive ejection of the spent cartridge cases.

For accuracy and function testing, I gathered several brands and types of .22 Long Rifle ammunition, and mounted a Mueller target scope atop the action using an ArmaLite one-piece mount. Functioning of the Mark-II BV was one hundred percent reliable. Every cartridge fed, fired, and ejected perfectly. The five-shot magazine is very easy to load, and smoothly guided the cartridges into the chamber.

Accuracy was very good with most ammo tested. I shot five-shot groups at fifty yards; the range at which I prefer to sight in my .22 Long Rifle chambered rifles. The worst group of the day measured just seven-eighths of an inch. That was the worst. The best measured just five-sixteenths of an inch, which was repeatable with that ammo all day long. Everything else tried fell somewhere between. The best  performance was with Olin standard velocity white-box un-plated bullets. I was very pleased with the accuracy of the Mark-II BV.

Savage rimfire rifles have always been a good value, and now they are even more so, having an excellent trigger right from the factory, that beats their competition into the dust.  For many, many years, it was impossible to find an affordable, accurate, rimfire rifle with a decent trigger. The Savage rimfire rifles now offer shooters a rifle with a better trigger pull than can be found on rifles selling for three times the price. If I were the competition, I would be worried.

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Jeff Quinn


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Savage Mark-II BV .22 Bolt Rifle.



The important new feature of this .22 rifle is the excellent AccuTrigger.



The AccuTrigger makes it easy to adjust the trigger pull on the Mark-II BV for a light, crisp and SAFE setting.



The Savage Mark-II BV features (top to bottom): all-steel magazine box, low bolt lift, side-mounted "push-to-fire" safety, sling swivel studs, and dual extractors.



The barrel is of the heavy "target" variety, with a recessed crown.




The nicely-finished laminated wood stock has cut checkering.



Where the Mark-II BV really stands out is at the bench, thanks in large part to the AccuTrigger.