Savage Hunterís Edge Fixed Blade Knife


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

August 17th, 2007




I got knives. Lots of knives. For some reason, gun people seem to accumulate knives. Most I have received as gifts, or as giveaways at press events, and most are pretty good, but a fellow can only use so many knives. Many, if not most, of the knives that I receive end up in my forgotten knife bin. Many times, gun makers get in to the knife business as a side line, and that is the case with my latest knife, and the subject of this review: The Savage Hunterís Edge knife.

Like I stated above, most knives of mine get tossed into the knife bin, and forgotten. When this knife arrived, I didnít think much about it, but soon after I opened the box, I realized that this was not just some ordinary blade. The first thing that I looked for was the "Made in China" stamp. It wasnít there. You can get a good knife from China, but many Chinese knives are junk. Instead, Savage is having these knives made by Seki in Japan, and Seki has a good reputation for making quality blades.

The Hunterís Edge knife has a tempered stainless steel blade, and a durable nylon sheath. Also contained in the sheath are a sharpening steel, and a two-pointed screwdriver bit, which fits into the knifeís handle. Pretty clever in the way that it works. It wonít make you throw out your chest of Craftsman tools, but it is sometimes very handy to have a screwdriver available, and this one takes up no room at all. If you wear it out or loose it, it is a standard quarter-inch drive bit, and can be replaced easily at any hardware store.

The handle of the Hunterís Edge knife is quite comfortable in use. It is made of a plastic resin with wood inserts, and has plenty of textured surface for a positive grip. The blade has a section of serrated edge along the bottom, and the top incorporates a saw edge for cutting wood, bone, plastic and such, should the need arise. There is also a gut-hook near the tip, which is handy to make quick work of field-dressing a large animal. The main edge also has plenty of belly for skinning without slicing through the hide.

I like this new knife from Savage, and expect that it will see plenty of use this fall and winter. It is well-designed, well-made, and affordable. It wonít end up in my forgotten knife bin. You wonít see me review too many knives. When I do, it is something that I really like. Savage also has a folding knife with interchangeable blades available. You can order the Hunterís Edge knives directly from, and they should be available at your Savage Arms gun dealer. I like it, use it, and  recommend it.

Jeff Quinn

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