Sig Sauer P220 Match Elite 10mm Semi-Automatic Pistol

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

May 8th, 2015


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Superb black G10 Piranha grips.







Decocker (left) and slide lock (right).





Magazine release (top), disassembly latch (bottom).





SigLite tritium night sights.





Accessory rail.







I have for many years been a fan of the Sig P220 pistol. It is my favorite of the Sig pistols, and extends to the newer P227 as well. These are excellent 45 ACP pistols. They carry well, and they shoot well. Now, Sig has finally introduced a series of P220 pistols that are chambered for the 10mm Auto cartridge. The Sig P220 10mm is a robust pistol, built with a stainless steel frame and plenty of steel where it is needed. The rails run the full length of the frame, for strength and accuracy. Unlike many popular pistols on the market, the trigger is steel, the sights are steel, and the magazine release is steel. The sights are the three-dot SigLite tritium night sights, for great visibility in any lighting condition, even total darkness. This pistol is not built to be the lightest 10mm Auto on the market, and it isn't. It is built to handle full-power 10mm Auto loads and to give a lifetime of service.

This particular version of the Sig P220-10 is a Lipsey's Exclusive offering. Lipsey's is a premier firearms distributor/wholesaler located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and they have three exclusive versions of the Sig 10mm for distribution to their network of independent dealers. The version featured here is of the traditional double-action/single-action design, meaning that it is normally carried with a round in the chamber and the hammer in the downward position. The first round is fired with a long smooth stroke of the trigger, which brings the hammer to full-cock as the trigger is pulled, releasing the hammer to fire the pistol. Subsequent rounds are fired single-action, with a shorter, crisper trigger pull. If the job is finished before the magazine runs empty, the operator pushes downward on the decocker, lowering the hammer without touching either the hammer or trigger in the process. Both the frame and slide are made of stainless steel, with the slide, as well as many small parts, receiving a matte black finish. Like the 45 ACP and other chamberings which preceded the 10mm Auto, the P220 is a single-stack, double-action/single-action pistol with an exposed hammer. Wearing the famous Sig-style decocking lever, the P220 is as safe of a pistol to carry as anyone would ever desire. The design incorporates a firing pin lock, which prevents discharge unless the trigger is pulled. There is no manual safety, as none is needed. The trigger pull is very smooth, and the hammer rebounds after each shot, so that it is not resting upon the firing pin.

Critical specifications for the Sig P220 are listed in the chart below. Weights are listed in ounces. Linear dimensions are listed in inches. Trigger pull is listed in pounds of resistance, as measured with my Lyman digital trigger pull scale. DA is the double-action trigger pull. SA is the single-action trigger pull. Height includes sights and magazine base pad. Maximum width is measured across the top of the frame, and includes the slide lock.

Chambering 10mm Auto
Weight with Empty Magazine 44 ounces
Trigger Pull DA 8.5 pounds
Trigger Pull SA 4.6 pounds
Barrel Length 5.03 inches
Barrel Diameter 0.59 inch
Overall Height 5.74 inches
Overall Length 8.65 inches
Slide Width 1.12 inches
Grip Width 1.18 inches
Frame Width 0.9 inch
Maximum Width 1.26 inches
Trigger Reach DA 2.92 inches
Trigger Reach SA 2.64 inches
Accessory Rail Yes
Sights 3-Dot Tritium
Magazine Disconnect No
Magazine Capacity 8 rounds
Magazines Supplied 2
MSRP as of May 2015 $1417.00 US

As can be seen in the chart above, the P220-10 is a substantial pistol. Having a five-inch barrel and a beavertail frame, it is a bit longer than the 45 ACP P220, and weighs twelve ounces more, due to its steel-frame construction. The grips on the P220-10 are some of the best I have ever seen on an autoloader. They are made of tough G10 material, and shaped perfectly to fit my hand.  They are of the Piranha pattern, being well-textured over most of the surface for a secure hold, but they are not abrasive to the hand nor clothing.

I fired the Sig P220-10 with every type of 10mm ammo that I had available to me. I try to keep plenty of 10mm on hand; especially the good (full-power) stuff.  Some 10mm Auto ammunition is loaded down to 40 S&W power levels, which is senseless, as one would do better to just buy the 40 S&W pistol. Real 10mm ammunition is more powerful than 40 S&W or 45 ACP, and is an excellent choice for hunting and social work.                   

Chronograph results are listed in the chart below. Velocity readings were taken at a distance of twelve feet from the muzzle, at an elevation of 541 feet above sea level, with an air temperature of seventy-six degrees Fahrenheit, and a relative humidity of seventy-two percent. I gathered together every type of 10mm ammo that I could for testing. Bullet weights are listed in grains. Velocities are listed in feet-per-second (fps). JHP is a jacketed hollowpoint. JSP is a jacketed soft point bullet. DPX and TAC-XP are homogenous copper hollow nose bullets. PB is Cor-Bon Pow’RBall. HCL is a hard cast lead bullet. GDHP is Gold Dot hollowpoint, and GSHP is Golden Saber hollowpoint. Glaser is a pre-fragmented bullet. FMJ is a full metal jacket bullet.

Ammunition Bullet Weight Velocity
Buffalo Bore JHP 180 1323
Buffalo Bore FMJ 200 1249
Buffalo Bore HCL 220 1147
Buffalo Bore TAC-XP 155 1395
Double Tap JHP 135 1655
Double Tap GDHP 155 1375
Double Tap JHP 165 1322
Double Tap GDHP 180 1341
Double Tap GSHP 180 1334
Double Tap XTP-HP 200 1223
Double Tap FMJ 200 1232
Double Tap TAC-XP 125 1616
Cor-Bon PB 135 1392
Cor-Bon DPX 140 1354
Cor-Bon DPX 155 1213
Cor-Bon JHP 135 1384
Cor-Bon JHP 150 1231
Cor-Bon JSP 180 1322
Cor-Bon FMJ 200 1058
Cor-Bon Glaser 115 1517
Winchester JHP 175 1246
Handload JHP 165 1288
Armscor FMJ 180 1124

The Sig 10mm is a very easy pistol to shoot well, especially for one with this much power. It fits my hand perfectly, and is easy to control. The double-action trigger pull is smooth, and the single-action crisp, though a bit heavier than I prefer. The sights are easy to see, and quick to get back on target, as this pistol handles recoil exceptionally well. Reliability with every load tested was flawless. The Sig fed, fired, and ejected every cartridge perfectly. Accuracy testing was done with the pistol secured into my Ransom Master Series machine rest, at a distance of twenty-five yards. Accuracy was, as indicated by the name of the pistol, match-grade. There were many groups fired in the sub-two-inch range, with several close to the one-inch mark.

This new Sig P220 10mm Auto pistol is a fine one. Any new 10mm, to me, has to compare to my Third Generation S&W 10mm pistols, which are long out of production. The Sig passes the test, and is an excellent choice for someone looking for a hunting or fighting pistol which delivers more power than the 45 ACP, in a package that is built right, and built in the USA.

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Jeff Quinn

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Sig P220-10 compared to Jeff's vintage Smith & Wesson Model 1026.





Jeff had to do some cutting on his P220 Ransom Rest inserts to accommodate the larger beavertail of the P220-10.



The DoubleTap 125 TAC-XP runs 1616 fps out of this pistol, and is an excellent load for hunting and social work.



The P220-10 exhibited excellent accuracy at 25 yards, as shown by these five-shot groups fired from a Ransom Rest.