SHOT Show 2011 - "Media Day"

by Boge Quinn

Monday, January 17th, 2011, the day before the opening of the SHOT Show, was a day devoted to "Media Day" shoots.  These shooting events were organized to allow selected gun writers to have "hands-on" experience with the various manufacturers' product lines and new products, and to have fun shooting up lots of free ammo. The day's events started with "Media Day at the Range", sponsored by Bass Pro Shops, in which many manufacturers displayed their newest products. Later in the afternoon saw an indoor event hosted by Smith & Wesson, and also featuring manufacturers such as Trijicon, Thompson-Center, and Insight Technologies.

SHOT Show 2011 "Media Day"

SHOT Show 2011 Day 1

SHOT Show 2011 Day 2

SHOT Show 2011 Day 3

Media Day 2011

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Diamondback's new DB9 9mm is barely larger than their popular DB380 pocket pistol.

DoubleTap's new 1600 fps 10mm (left) and 1400 fps 40 S&W (right) loads feature Barnes' excellent XPB bullets.

Greg (right) at the Glock booth with R. Lee Ermey (left).

Glock's Generation 4 Model 17.

Springfield Armory XD-M Compact.

EOTech's mini dot sight on a SIG pistol.

Chiappa Rhino revolvers.

MKS Supply is offering some interesting leverguns, including a "Mare's Leg" (top), classic 1886 (center) and 1886 "Alaskan" (bottom).

Charter "Pit Bull" 40 S&W revolver.

Charter "Pit Bull" 40 S&W revolver.

Greg tries out Trijicon's new compact 3x scope. The new scope is available calibrated for the 223 Remington / 5.56mm or 308 Winchester / 7.62 cartridges. 

Trijicon's new 6x ACOG sight with RMR sight on top.

Rock Island Armory's new 22 TCM cartridge propels a 44-grain bullet at 2100 fps.

Barrett M-RAD 338 Lapua rifle. 

GemTech suppressor works beautifully on the Barrett M-RAD.

Savage Model 11 lightweight 308 weighs in at 5.5 pounds.

Set Point Ammunition custom-loads ammunition to the customer's specifications, so those who do not load their own ammunition can take full advantage of their weapon.

Jeff and Megan Watts with Bad Boy Buggies' XTO electric off-road vehicle.

Ruger is now offering their excellent 22/45 pistol threaded for a suppressor.

SureFire's high-capacity AR magazines are available in 60-round (right) and 100-round (left) versions.

Colt's Modular Carbine is easily converted from 308 Winchester to 223 Remington.

Beretta's new A1 Series pistol.

Viridian tactical flashlight / green LASER unit mounts to any standard rail.

Colt is reintroducing the great New Frontier sixgun in 44 Special and 45 Colt.

Jeff shoots the Colt New Frontier.

XS Sight Systems Glass Assault Tool (GAT) for pistols.

Andie Johnson shoots ArmaLite's 338 Lapua rifle.

ArmaLite M15 SPR Mod 1 Mid-Length rifle.

HK's new MR-556 rifle.

Blaser R8 rifle in 30-06.

Safariland's new AR-15 scope mount.

Smith & Wesson high-grade 1911.

Walther PPQ 9mm pistol.

Smith & Wesson's M&P 22 is a jpint venture between S&W and Walther.

Smith & Wesson's new six-shot Governor revolver fires 45 Colt, 45 ACP, and 410 shotshell ammunition.

Crimson Trace LASER / Tactical Flashlight unit for the S&W M&P, Glock, and SIG pistols.

Crimson Trace LASER for the SIG P238 pistol.

SHOT Show 2011 "Media Day"

SHOT Show 2011 Day 1

SHOT Show 2011 Day 2

SHOT Show 2011 Day 3