SHOT Show 2009 - Day 2

by Boge Quinn

SHOT Show 2009 - "Media Day"

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SHOT Show 2009 - Day 2

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An assortment of guns from Chiappa Firearms.

Springfield Armory M1-A Loaded Model.

Howa Axiom rifle with camo-dipped stock & scope.

Chiappa Firearms' new 1911-22 .22 pistol retails for less than $300.

ArmaLite AR-24 pistol.

A selection of Winchester rifles, exclusively distributed by Davidson's.

Winchester Model 1895 "Safari Centennial" Custom Grade .405 rifle.

Detail of Winchester's Model 1895 "Safari Centennial" stock medallion.

Marlin's new Model 1895 SBL levergun.

New Ruger Hawkeye rifles.

Savage's new AccuStock bedding system (Note: stock is clear to show the bedding system - the rifle is NOT available with a clear stock!).

Savage Model 10 Precision Carbine law enforcement .308.

Kahr's Jodi DePorter with their Paratrooper M1 Carbine. 

Rossi's Cassandra Hernandez with their "Tuffy" .410 shotgun. Composite buttstock features shotshell storage compartment.

Taurus' new smaller-frame .45/.410 Judge Compact revolver. 

Taurus' new TCP .380 pistol.


Taurus' new Model 709 compact titanium-slide 9mm pistol.

Smith & Wesson's new short-barreled Model 500...

...and short-barreled Model 460XVR revolvers.

Lipsey's Jason Cloessner with Ruger fancy schnabel-stock 10/22, another Lipsey's exclusive.

Kel-Tec's exciting new .308 bullpup rifle. Jeff can't wait to get his hands on one of these for testing!

Ithaca Gun Company's Model 37 shotguns.

AWC's Amphibian S integrally-suppressed Ruger Mark III .22 pistol.

Del-Ton AR-15s.

Our friends at Tactical Solutions continue to impress with new products like their .308 suppressor (top) and .223 suppressor (bottom).

Alexander Arms' new Valkyrie .17 HMR rifle.

Mark Pixler & Jeff have a look at Dillon's new progressive reloading machine for BIG cartridges such as the .50 BMG.

Weatherby Custom Shop rifle with composite-pattern stock.

New from Magnum Research is their Micro Desert Eagle .380 pistol.

Arsenal Arms' SAM-7SFK 7.62x39mm rifle.

DSA 9mm pistol.

CZ-USA Safari Rifle with their new Kevlar stock.

CZ-USA's CZ-75 SP-01 Phantom 9mm pistol.

Dan Wesson's new RZ-10 10mm pistol.

Kel-Tec's Tobias Obermeit with their SU-22 rifle.

Kimber's Ultra Covert II pistol with Crimson Trace Lasergrips.

Traditions' 1860 cap'n'ball sixgun.

Traditions' "Classic" muzzle-loaders.

Shiloh Sharps' beautiful Sharps rifle.

Shiloh Sharps' beautiful Sharps rifle.

Leupold's new RX-1000 range finder...

...and Rogue 10x25mm binocular.

New from Freedom Arms is their Model 97 chambered for their equally-new cartridge, the .224-32FA.

Freedom Arms' 25th Anniversary .454 Casull revolver.

Freedom Arms' 25th Anniversary .454 Casull revolver. Only 25 of these beautifully-embellished guns will be produced, and most are already taken!

Cimarron Spencer (top & bottom) and Sharps (center)  carbines.

Cimarron external-hammer side-by-side shotguns.

Double Eagle Derringer.

Leitner-Weis shot counter.

Blaser R93 Imperial "Big Five" .375 H&H rifle.

Dakota Arms Baby Sharps rifle.

Taylor's & Co. engraved Model 92 rifle.

Pedersoli engraved Rolling Block rifle.

Now available from Crimson Trace is a Lasergrip for the popular Bersa Thunder .380 pistol.

Nikon's new Coyote scopes feature innovative anti-glare lens covers and special reticles.

Nikon's new Monarch binocular.

Sherri Goodwin with CZ-USA's VZ-58 Tactical Sporter 7.62x39 rifle.

Keystone Sporting Arms is now offering the Crickett and Chipmunk rifle lines.

Quality Cartridge Company offers many obsolete and hard-to-find loadings.

SIGArms' 556 pistol.

SHOT Show 2009 - "Media Day"

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SHOT Show 2009 - Day 2

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