New Ruger Polymer Three, Five, & Ten Shot Magazines for the Gunsite Scout Rifle


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn &

November 5th, 2011






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Since the very successful Gunsite Scout bolt action rifle was introduced about ten months ago, shooters have been asking for magazines that are less expensive than the steel magazines that Ruger provides with the rifle. Ruger has been working on getting into production some glass-filled nylon magazines for several months now, and they are finally in production. Available in three sizes; three, five, and ten-shot capacities. I like these new magazines even better than the steel magazines, myself. They are lightweight and strong, and the polymer is self-lubricating and non-corrosive.

The Ruger Scout mags are lightweight, but strengthened for stiffness. The three, five, and ten-shot magazines weigh in at two, two and one-half, and three and one-fifth ounces, respectively. They have covers which snap atop the mags to keep out sand, dirt, snow, and grit, and the magazines disassemble easily for cleaning. The springs are made of stainless steel, and they have polymer followers and floorplates.

The new Ruger polymer Scout magazines are easy to load, and function well in the Ruger Gunsite Scout rifles. At the time of this writing, they sell for $39.95, and can be ordered online at

Jeff Quinn

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