Ruger LCP Special NRA Edition 380 Semi-Automatic Pocket Pistol


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

September 22nd, 2011


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Davidson's exclusive Ruger NRA Special Edition LCP 380 pistol.





Manual slide lock.





Magazine release.





Fixed sights are small, but useable in good light.



Disassembly is quick and easy.







Ever since Ruger introduced the 380 LCP semi-automatic pocket pistol at the 2008 SHOT Show, the little pistol has become one of the most popular pocket guns in history. I do not know how many LCP pistols have been sold since then, and Ruger wonít tell, but the number of LCPs turned out each day at the Prescott factory is astounding. The littlest Ruger has proven to be lightweight, reliable, affordable, and accurate. By accurate, I do not mean that the pistols are taking home the trophies at the Camp Perry National Match, but for the intended purpose, which is close-range personal defense, the LCP is plenty accurate. The sights are small, but useful in good light, and will not snag your pocket. The little pistol is smooth to the touch, and will not cut your hand nor your clothing. The trigger pull is smooth, with just the right amount of resistance for a point-and-shoot pocket pistol. When a pistol of this type is needed for defense, it is needed immediately. The LCP has no manual safety to disengage and delay response time. It can be safely carried with a round in the chamber. Also of great importance, the LCP is affordable. It is a gun that can ride daily in the pocket without being a bother, but is there when needed. I carry an LCP everyday, sometimes in addition to a larger gun, but the LCP is always in my pocket, unless I am traveling on a commercial airplane. The TSA takes everything from you when traveling by plane, including your dignity. Flying last week, the TSA officers took two bottles of habanero sauce and a small knife from me, before sending me through the porn scanner. Anyway, the LCP is small enough and light enough to always be within reach, except where our rights are violated.

Since I have reviewed the LCP in detail back in 2008, I wonít plow that same ground over again, but will just hit the high points and introduce this new special edition LCP that Ruger is producing. The NRA LCP is mechanically identical to other Ruger LCP 380 pistols, differing only in the frame color and slide embellishments. The frame is glass-reinforced polymer like other LCP pistols, but wears a Natural Gear camouflaged pattern. This newest LCP has a special serial number series beginning with the letters NRA, followed by a six-digit sequential number. With the matte black slide, magazine base, trigger, slide lock, mag release, and pins, the contrast looks very good with the camo frame. The locked-breech 380 weighs in at 9.42 ounces, and has a loaded capacity of seven rounds, counting the one in the chamber.

Back in May of this year, Ruger challenged its corporate self to sell one million firearms in a twelve-month period, and to donate one dollar for each gun sold to the National Rifle Association. The NRA is at the forefront of our fight to preserve our God-given gun rights that are guaranteed by the Second Amendment to The Constitution of the United States. There are many in our government, at the local, state, and national levels that want to fully control the lives of the citizenry, and seek to stomp on our gun rights as a means of control. They are mostly elite types, thinking themselves superior to the common folk, and thinking that we mere citizens have no need for firearms, while they choose to preserve the right for themselves and their like. While by no means a perfect organization, the NRA is the most powerful gun rights lobby that we have, and Ruger has stepped up to help with the freedom fight by donating such a large sum of money to the NRA. After the first three months of the twelve-month period, Ruger has reached twenty-eight percent of their goal already, being well on the way to selling one million firearms in a one-year period.

In addition to that generous dollar-per-gun donation to the NRA, Ruger and Davidsonís, a large firearms wholesaler, are donating twenty dollars to the NRA from the sale of each of these special edition NRA LCP 380 pistols. This version of the LCP is only available from a Davidsonís retailer, or you can buy the NRA LCP online at

Gallery of Guns is a great way to buy firearms. When you select a firearm to purchase on that site, you will receive prices from firearms dealers in your area, with a breakdown of the cost, including taxes and transfer fees, so you know exactly what the firearm will cost, out the door, when you purchase. You can compare the total cost of the firearm from each of your local gun dealers, and choose the deal that best suits your needs. As an added bonus, buying a firearm that was distributed through a Davidsonís dealer or through Gallery of Guns, the firearm is covered under the Davidsonís GuaranteeD warranty, in addition to the manufacturerís warranty. The Ruger NRA Edition LCP is a dandy little pocket gun, and I highly recommend it as a way to protect yourself, your family, and your gun rights.

Check out the extensive line of Ruger firearms and accessories online at www.ruger,com.

To order the NRA LCP online, click on this link.

Jeff Quinn

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Click pictures for a larger version.


NRA LCP comes with pistol rug, padlock, instructions, finger-extension magazine base plate, and one six-round magazine.





Padded pistol rug for storage.





NRA LCP (right) with Jeff's everyday carry LCP (left).



Magazine has interchangeable base plates. Author prefers the finger-extension base plate.