“Inaugural Special“: Ruger 20 Round Mini-14 Mags Available Right Now!


by Jeff Quinn

November 3rd, 2008


Shooters have long lamented the lack of availability of the twenty-round magazines for the Ruger Mini-14 rifle. Last year, Ruger started shipping their NRA Special Mini-14 Ranch Rifles with a twenty-round magazine, and have been recently selling them to Mini-14 owners separately. Just today, I received a press release that Ruger is promoting as an “Inaugural Special” the Mini-14 twenty-round magazines for a discounted price of $29.95. As I sit here on the eve of election day, Barack Obama has a very good chance of winning the Presidential election in the US, as more and more of our population are leaning towards the socialism that he is promoting. Any way, no matter who wins, Ruger is offering these magazines at this special price through Inauguration Day; January 20th, 2009. I have seen these magazines selling for 100 bucks each after the first assault weapons and magazine ban under the Clinton Administration, and Obama has vowed to support another such ban. These magazine will fit all Ruger Mini-14 and Ranch Rifles chambered for the .223 Remington or 5.56mm NATO cartridges. Below is a copy of the Ruger press release. Get ‘em while you can!

Jeff Quinn



Southport, CT November 4, 2008 – Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE:RGR) announces an “Inaugural Special” for Mini-14 20-round magazines that runs from Election Day to Inauguration Day.

From November 4, 2008 to January 20, 2009, fans of the Ruger Mini-14 Target Rifles and Mini-14 Ranch Rifles, both chambered for .223 Remington, can purchase Ruger manufactured 20-round magazines (regularly priced at $39.95) for only $29.95. This special offer is only available through the Ruger On-line Store at http://www.ruger.com. Please note that these magazines are not available where state or local regulations limit magazine capacity to less than 20 rounds.

The Ruger Mini-14 series of rifles has been extremely popular since first introduced in 1974. Long considered simple, rugged, and reliable, these rifles have proven so popular around the woods, farm, and ranch that they earned the nickname "Ranch Rifle.” All Mini-14 rifles come from the factory with integral scope mounts.

For 2008 only, Ruger is offering a special edition NRA Mini-14 rifle. This rifle ships with two, 20-round magazines and a portion of the sales from each rifle is donated to the NRA Institute for Legislative Action to support its ongoing efforts in defending our Second Amendment rights. The NRA Mini-14 features a blued finish and 16-1/8" barrel in a patented black Hogue OverMolded™ stock, and the grip cap of the stock features an NRA metal gold-tone logo.

Check out the full line of Ruger products here.

About Sturm, Ruger: Sturm, Ruger was founded in 1949 and is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of high-quality firearms for the commercial sporting market. Sturm, Ruger is headquartered in Southport, CT, with plants located in Newport, NH and Prescott, AZ.

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.

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