Redfield Revenge Range-Finding Riflescopes

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

April 10th, 2012



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The Redfield name, for many decades, stood for quality in the USA. Shooters and hunters trusted the Redfield brand on scopes, mounts, and mechanical sights. Unfortunately, the Redfield company closed its doors in the late 1990s, and the brand was sold off and cheapened. About four years ago, all that changed, and the Leupold & Stevens Company of Beaverton, Oregon acquired the Redfield name, and began manufacturing scopes that were worthy of the brand. The Redfield Revolution scopes are built in the US, alongside the Leupold scopes in Beaverton.

Redfield has just recently introduced their new line of Revenge riflescopes which are built in The Philippines, but are still built to Redfield standards and backed by the Redfield lifetime warranty. The Revenge scopes have multi-coated lenses, and positive click adjustments. The adjustment dials are easy to set, and once sighted in, are easily set to set the dial back to zero, for fast adjustment if necessary in the field or at the range. Available in several variations in adjustment powers of 2 to 7, 3 to 9, 4 to 12, or 6 to 18 magnification, the Revenge scopes also offer several reticle choices.

The best reticle choice, and the best reason for choosing a Revenge riflescope, is the Accu-Ranger Ballistic System (ABS) reticle. This reticle allows the user to look through the scope, range the distance, and adjust the reticle to that distance, all without losing sight of the target. The ABS is available in four different versions; the Accu-Ranger Hunter, Accu-Ranger Varmint, Accu-Ranger Crossbow, and Accu-Ranger Sabot, for use with modern muzzleloaders.

Shown here is the 4 to 12 power Accu-Ranger Hunter. In use, the hunter sights the animal, and using the reticle, turns the magnification ring until the animal is bracketed. Looking at the upper crosswire, the hunters reads the distance to the target, cranks the power to 12, and uses the appropriate aiming point as he presses the trigger. The pictures and video show how it works, and there are a couple of good videos on the Redfield website to explain how it works.

I have used ranging reticles and scopes with bullet drop compensation before, but this Redfield Revenge reticle makes it simple. It is much quicker and easier to use than it is for me to put into words how it is done. The great advantage is that if you can see the animal, you can range the distance. When you range the distance, you know where to hold, and when you know where to hold, if you miss, it is entirely your fault. The Accu-Ranger reticle takes the guess work out of judging the distance, and also takes the guess work out of where to hold for the shot. The Revenge scope comes with a good instruction manual, including a chart of popular cartridges to which the ballistic reticle corresponds. If your particular cartridge is not listed, simply select a cartridge with a trajectory similar to one on the chart.

The Redfield Revenge scopes are fogproof, waterproof, and have ample eye relief. The Revenge has quarter-minute click adjustments. The 4 to 12 power shown here has fifty minutes of adjustment for both windage and elevation. The scope weighed in at 14.8 ounces on my scale, and measures approximately fourteen inches in length, which varies slightly, depending upon the focus adjustment. The Revenge has excellent optical clarity, wears a durable matte black finish, and thankfully, comes with tethered lens covers. The Redfield Revenge riflescope is rugged, affordable, built to last, and backed by Redfield; a division of Leupold & Stevens. I like it.

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Jeff Quinn

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Easy-to-adjust European-style focus.