Recluse Pocket Holster for Small Semi-Automatic Pistols


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

October 19th, 2009




I recently learned of a unique pocket holster for the Ruger LCP and the small Kel-Tec auto pistols that carries these weapons securely and discreetly. There are several good pocket holsters on the market, but as far as I know, none quite like the Recluse. The Recluse has a trigger block built into the holster that prevents the trigger from accidentally being pulled, and also serves to help hold the pistol in place within the holster. Because of this trigger block, the same holster can accommodate pistols with and without laser sights attached.

The Recluse is made of quality leather, and exhibits excellent craftsmanship in its construction. There are models to fit both front and rear pockets. I prefer to carry in my left front pocket, so that is the model shown here. Keep in mind that for you right-handed folks, the holster will be reversed.

In use, the pistol rides in the holster securely in the pocket. The holster shape breaks up the outline of the pistol, and looks like a wallet from the outside. Because of the trigger block, nothing can accidentally activate that trigger. However, it is still a bad idea to carry other objects in the pocket with the handgun. If you carry in the pocket, you should have a pocket designated for nothing but that handgun. The cover over the muzzle prevents lint, dirt, and debris from entering, and the pistol stays in place, without turning and twisting as they sometimes do when carried without a holster. To draw the weapon, the fingers are inserted between the holster and the grip of the gun. This releases the trigger block, and the pistol is quickly drawn from the pocket, leaving the holster in place.

The Recluse holster is a good idea; simple but effective. It protects the weapon, and keeps it oriented correctly for a swift presentation when needed. It is built well, and built in the USA. I like it.

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Jeff Quinn

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I like this part!





Ruger LCP holstered in front pocket shows absolutely no outline.



As the pistol is drawn, the holster stays in the pocket.

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Recluse picket holster.



Trigger fits securely into the trigger block.



The recluse holster exhibits quality craftsmanship.



Holster is open next to the owner's body...



...but the pistol is entirely covered towards the outside.



To draw the weapon, fingers are slipped between grip and holster.