All About the NRA and Benchmade


by R.K. Campbell

photography by R.K. Campbell

July 1st, 2007




Not long ago the NRA embarked upon an exciting venture with their NRA product line. Quite simply they are licensing the National Rifle Association name to several of the first class companies in the outdoors and firearms field. Proceeds from such sales are earmarked for outdoors programs. The NRA is off to a good start with Benchmade Knife Company

Benchmade is especially popular with peace officers and first responders. Their line of rugged folders and rescue knives have proven durable and have more than a little pride of ownership. The NRA folders and fixed blade knives are not warmed over items but designed for the NRA. Benchmade is well known for tactical knives but their move to outdoors knives has been well received. The knives are definitely outdoors knives but the quality and ruggedness remain.

When field chores demand a large knife, we looked to a fixed blade type. There is simplicity in the fixed blade, and maintenance is less.  When we can carry a sheath knife in the open then we probably should. Warren Osborne's hunter/skinner is made for tough work on thick hides and large animals. This knife has plenty of style. A hollow grind ends in an ultra sharp edge. The handle is very comfortable, offering good purchase and excellent shock absorption. Human engineering in this knife is at a premium. The knife features rugged full tang construction. The fixed blade is a full six and one quarter inches long and is sturdy enough at .18 inches thick. The tang is fixed to the butt cap by a set screw. Overall, this is a knife with plenty of style and cutting ability. 

A favorite source for grips for my prized 1911 pistols is Alumagrip. This time they have outdone themselves with a fantastically attractive showcase NRA presentation grip. This grip features hand filling checkering that gives a good grip and the licensed, special stylized NRA logo. 

A few words on the High Standard pistol illustrated. This is the top end G Man, a pistol with many good features. The example you see has fired over twenty thousand rounds of full power ammunition. However, the finish degraded and understandably so. I had the piece redone with Robbie Barkmannís trademark NP 3 finish. The pistol has also been slightly modified with a Wilson Combat Mag Chute and Wilson Combat Nite Eyes sights. This is my favorite .45 automatic and I have quite a few to choose from. Even after all of this use, the pistol remains tight and reliable. It will place five rounds of Black Hills 230 grain jacketed hollow point into a one and one half inch group at twenty five yards. On occasion, with a carefully tailored handload using the Sierra 230 grain MATCH bullet it will do even better. That is all we can ask.

The pistol is most often carried in a first class shell horsehide inside the waistband holster from K L Null. Ken Null is quite simply our premier artisan of horsehide and one of the most respected makers in the country. You would do well to consult this ship for your concealed carry needs.

I think that we should all support the NRA as well as the Second Amendment Foundation. The road ahead may be rocky but the fight is well worth fighting. It is not about gun ownership but freedom. By supporting the NRA with a bit of style and flair we have done our part. The licensed NRA products certainly are first class and a credible fashion statement.

Sources - 161 School Street NW, Hill City Station, Resaca Ga. 30735 - Call 706 625 5643


R.K. Campbell

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You have to sheath your gear in quality holsters or sheaths. The leather sheath supplied with the Benchmade knife is first class, and Ken Nullís horsehide holsters need little introduction.



The High Standard G Man is an American produced all steel 1911 comparable to any high end .45 on the market. This is the authorís number one hard use .45 automatic.



Benchmadeís Warren Osborne designed hunting knife is sure to stir up a great deal of attention. It is quite sharp and well designed.



Well turned out, sharp, and distinctive, Benchmadeís NRA line should be well received.



The NRA Logo makes is all official!



This kind of lets the guys at the range know where you stand, doesnít it?