by Paco Kelly

photography by Paco Kelly

August 13th, 2006




At the Shootist gathering in New Mexico this year, one of the gifts given for the raffle was several really neat SUREFIRE flashlights.  The one in the pictures with the large lens is the MOD. M3T-CB COMBATLIGHT.  The smaller one is the L1 DIGITAL LumaMax.


The M3T-CB is 8 inches long and uses 3 lithium 3 volt batteries, which come with the light.  The L1 uses one 3 volt lithium battery, and is only 4½ inches.  Those worried over the cost of lithium batteries, don’t - they come with the SUREFIRE lights.  Also I have had the L1 for more than 2 years and use it often and the battery lasts and lasts.  The light these SUREFIRE lights put out has to be seen to be believed.  There are a lot of look-a-like combat Hi-Tech type flashlights out there... but the SUREFIRE does what it is advertised to do... blind an attacker with an unexpected flash in the eyes....


I carry one in my small gun bag along with a Smith & Wesson five shot .357.  As the ad I saw years ago said, while showing a bad guy with a knife recoiling from a blinding light... “It is reported, that those who have had a near death experience see a bright light!”


SUREFIRE makes a long line of flashlights sure to please the pickiest of folks.  My son Rico, who is with the local Sheriff’s Office, also carries a SUREFIRE, as so many Police Officers do.


The MT3 comes with an extra bulb... not that they burn out... but just in case somehow the original is somehow busted....  They are guaranteed for a lifetime, and the company sells a special line of long lasting 3 volt batteries at a very attractive price in comparison to the local hardware store.


If you were thinking of buying a Hi-Tech flashlight.. The SUREFIRE is hard to beat.  Take a look at their web site,

Paco Kelly 

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