Larry Little: Grip Maker


by Paco Kelly

photography by Paco Kelly

July 2nd, 2004




The photo of the grips with the "Liberty Head" upraised is only one of many designs produced by Larry Little and his wife, Debbie. These grips are designed to make one-piece, perfectly-fitting stocks, on your Colt SAA, 1851 Navy, 1860 Army, Cimarron (or other "clone" brand) Single-Action revolvers. Larry and Debbie also make grips for the Thunderer, Ruger's Vaquero, Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk and Bisley models, as well as many others.

The cost of these fine grips varies depending on the design and model desired, but they are less than the Micarta or polymer ivory types you see in gun stores and on the Web. Plus, they are stronger, more beautiful, feel better, and have the look, feel and aging characteristics of real ivory...but they never crack. Larry's grips are made from extremely durable urethane, which "yellows" over time like ivory.

Grip Maker grips come in either one-piece (as the example shown) or two-piece configurations for the Colt (and Colt clone) sixguns. Grips for Rugers come in two-piece configuration with escutcheon screw, but Ruger grips with sculpted designs feature a "blind hole" on the design side (either left or right depending on your preference) for a cleaner appearance. This is a very nice touch.

All Grip Maker grips are shipped slightly oversize so you can fit them perfectly to your gun, and include a detailed instruction sheet. If desired, first-time buyers can order a "practice panel" at no additional charge. Another very nice touch.

If you have always wanted ivory-type grips on your sixshooter, it's time to contact Larry Little, Grip Maker "extraordinaire".

Check out Larry Little's grips on the Web at:, or drop Larry an email at Larry is good people and a personal friend. Tell him Paco and Gunblast sent you!

Paco Kelly


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Author's set of Grip Maker one-piece stocks with raised "Liberty Head" design. For a personal touch, Paco outlined the grip panel design.