Industry Secret Revealed: Wayne Baker's New Round

by Paco Kelly

photography by Paco Kelly

June 27th, 2004




In the two accompanying photos at the right, you have the first look at the new .22/454 cartridge, developed by Wayne Baker. Wayne is the retired president of Freedom Arms, the developers of the .454 Casull cartridge and the fine single action revolvers that fire this incredible round. Wayne has now developed a .22 centerfire round based on the .454 cartridge, necked down with a sharp shoulder.

Wayne has been testing the .22/454 in a Ruger #1 Deluxe single-shot rifle, and he reports well over 4,000 fps with 40-50 grain copper-jacketed .224 bullets. Plus, as those of you who know Wayne Baker or the fine Freedom Arms products he developed will attest, he would not be excited about the project if the round were not proving itself to be supremely accurate.

For more information, write to Wayne Baker at the following address:

Wayne Baker

c/o Freedom Arms

P.O. Box 110

Freedom, WY 83120

Please note that since Wayne is retired and no longer active at Freedom Arms, "snail mail" is the only way to contact him. Wayne's son, Bob Baker, is now the president of Freedom Arms, and will get your letters to Wayne.

Paco Kelly


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Left to right: Wayne Baker's new .22/454 round, one of Paco's 335-grain .454 Casull handloads, and two fired .22/454 cases.



Cartridge comparisons (left to right): .243 Winchester, Wayne Baker's new .22/454, .454 Casull, .223 Remington, .22 Hornet, and .22 Magnum rimfire.