Two New Ruger LCR Revolvers in 38 Special +P and 357 Magnum and a New Version of the Ruger SR-556 Rifle


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

May 13th, 2010




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Today is May 12th as I hammer out this brief piece on these new firearms from Ruger. I expected the guns a few days ago, but production has just begun, and the firearms arrived late yesterday. I have spent most of today shooting these weapons, but have not had enough time to do as thorough of a workout with them as I like to do, so this is just an introduction. Look for a full review later. The urgency to get this short review posted is that Ruger will introduce these new firearms officially on Thursday, May 13th, but I will be in route to Charlotte, NC for the NRA Annual Meetings.

Anyway, first up we have two new versions of the highly successful Ruger LCR revolver. These new variations are similar to the LCR that has been in full production for several months. The first is another 38 Special, also rated for Plus P ammo, but it wears a more compact grip for better concealability, and a Trijicon tritium front night sight for use in dimly-lit conditions.

The next LCR is chambered for the 357 Magnum cartridge. The 357 is the same size as the original LCR, but has a stainless steel cylinder frame instead of aluminum. It weighs about 17 ounces, and can fire any 357 magnum ammunition.

Both of these revolvers have very smooth trigger pulls that have a pull weight in the 7.75 pounds range, and each holds five shots. Both retain the polymer fire control housing of the original LCR.

The rifle is a shorter, lighter version of the Ruger SR-556 AR-15 style semi-auto rifle. The SR-556c is very similar to the SR-556, except for the barrel. The barrel of the SR-556c is fluted under the hand guard to reduce weight, and is about 1.75 inches shorter than the barrel with the screwed-on flash suppressor on the SR-556. Ruger made the flash suppressor integral with the barrel on the 556c, allowing the barrel length, including flash suppressor, to be 16.1 inches in length. This keeps everything legal, offers a shorter overall length, and a quicker-handling weapon. About one half pound of weight is removed from the front of the weapon, changing the handling dynamics noticeably.

Look for more in-depth review of these three weapons in a few days. In the mean time, we are off to Carolina to see what else is new at the NRA Show.

Jeff Quinn


Ruger's new SR-556c 5.56mm rifle.

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New Ruger LCRs in 357 Magnum (top) and 38 Special +P (bottom).