New Products from the 2011 NASGW Show in Reno, Nevada

by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

Photography by Boge Quinn

November 6th, 2011

UPDATED November 7th, 2011


Boge and I just got home from the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers Show in Reno. The NASGW is a group of firearms wholesalers, and at this show, manufacturers set up displays of new products that will be hitting the market soon. Hardly any press covers the NASGW Show. When I started covering this show a few years ago, I saw no other media there, but this past week, I saw Dick Metcalf from Intermedia, but no other press at all. The NASGW Show gives a couple of months advance on many items that will be introduced at SHOT in January, so it is an excellent show to cover. Why it is mostly ignored by the firearms press, I do not know.

Anyway, here we have pictures and some good video from the show, of several interesting firearms being introduced, or new variations of existing firearms now on the market. We were also shown some exciting new guns that will be introduced over the course of the next few months, which for now will remain a secret. We were carried into the back of several of the manufacturer’s booths and shown some new guns that are not ready for introduction at this time, but will be hitting the market soon. Looks like I only thought that I own enough guns already! I now know that there are still a few left to buy, and I eagerly and impatiently await the introduction of several. For now, the ones shown here will be available very soon, if not already on the market. Look for detailed reviews of some of these soon on

Jeff Quinn


YouTube Video - Part 1

YouTube Video - Part 2

YouTube Video - Part 3



Click pictures below for a larger version

Colt's new Gold Cup National Match pistol.

Colt Custom Shop "Tactical Package".

Colt Custom Shop rifle.

Rack of Colt rifles.

Colt's new "Coyote Bronze" finish.

Colt's new "Crimson Trace New Agent" features Crimson Trace grips and no sights on the slide.

Taurus Tracker 22 Long Rifle / 22 Magnum convertible DA revolver.

Taurus "Zombie Gun".

Taurus "Protector Polymer" 38 revolver.

Taurus' PT92AF is now available with threaded muzzle.

Taurus TCP 380 pistol with Lime frame.

EAA Witness pistols.

EAA revolvers.

A selection of AKs from Wolf Performance Arms.

Phoenix Technology patented recoil-reducing shotgun stocks.

TriStar's new 28 gauge lightweight semi-auto shotgun weighs in at just 5.2 pounds.

Jodi DePorter with Magnum Research's new MLR-22AT Magnum Lite 22 rifle.

Magnum research's new MLR-22AT Magnum Lite 22 rifle.

GSG STG-44 22 rifle will be available in March 2012.

First 1000 GSG STG-44s are set to be shipped in these nice-looking wooden crates. After the initial run of 1000, the crates will be available as an option.

Winchester rifles (top to bottom): Model 94 Historical "Trail's End" takedown; Model 94 Short Rifle; Model 71 Deluxe; Model 86 Short Rifle; Model 86 Extra Light; Model 92 "Big Loop" carbine.

Excel Arms MR-22 22 Magnum rifle.

Excel Arms MP-22 22 Magnum pistol with CeraKote finish.

Ithaca shotguns.

Detail of Ithaca engraved & gold-inlaid receiver.

Hornady's new "Zombie Max" ammo.

Fausti double guns.

Pietta shotguns.

Savage Arms' new "Rascal" synthetic-stocked youth 22 rifle with AccuTrigger.

Mossberg ARs.

Anderson Manufacturing's new AM-10 308 Winchester / 7.62x51 NATO rifle.

Tom Steffner with Anderson Manufacturing's new AM-10.

Core15 rifles.

TSA Inc. "Baby Browning" 25 caliber pistol.

Paige with custom Charter Arms' "Undercover" motorcycle, created by Orange County Choppers.

The "Undercover" motorcycle, valued at $170,000, will be given away at SHOT Show 2013. Distributors and dealers receive chances to win by selling Charter products.

Charter's new "Big Dawg" 45/410 revolver.

Charter's "Pit Bull" is now available in 9mm.

Charter "On Duty" shrouded-hammer 38 revolver.

Susanna Chiappa with Chiappa's new M1-22 rifle.


Chiappa Kodiak 45/70 rifle.

Bersa 380 pistol with LaserLyte laser unit.

Bersa's new polymer-framed 9mm pistol.

American Classic 1911 pistols.

Diamondback Firearms 9mm pistols in multiple frame colors.

Diamondback's new 9mm suppressor is the smallest available, and currently retails for $469.95.

Ruger Pepper Spray products.

North American Arms "Ace of Spades" 22 revolver is a TALO exclusive.

Escort shotguns from Legacy Sports International.

DoubleStar's new "Zombie Slayer" AR lowers & uppers.

We may not fully understand the current Zombie craze, but we will surely be safe from the hordes of the Undead!

DoubleTap's new titanium pocket pistol, available in 9mm and 45 ACP.


I.O., Inc's line of AK rifles.

New CZ long guns.

Del-Ton ARs.

New from Hodgdon is their CFE223 ("Copper Fouling Eraser") powder.

Taylor's & Co. long guns.

Cimarron Cavalry sixgun with beautiful Turnbull finish.

Cimarron long guns.

KRISS Vector semi-autos.

PARA Hi-Cap 45 pistol retails for $899.

PARA Black Ops Single-Stack.

PARA Stealth 45 pistol.

Howa's new box magazine conversion is available for several popular rifle brands & models.