Mt. Baldy Bullet Company

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & "Cousin Melvin"

November 3rd, 2003




For the past few months, I have been using some very high quality rifle and handgun bullets from Mt. Baldy Bullets located in beautiful Cody, Wyoming. These bullets are hard cast from clean premium lead alloy. The casting is done by proprietor Frank Ehrenford, not on a high capacity bullet machine, but by hand.

I have used a few of his long-range competition bullets in a Cimarron Sharps .45-90 rifle, as well as several of his excellent Keith style semi-wadcutter bullets in revolvers. Frank’s bullets are true to the Keith design, having a large square cornered lube groove and a square cornered bullet base. Most cast bullets have a bevel base to make them run better on automated casting and loading machines, but a square base shoots better and leads the barrel less.

Mt. Baldy offers several different designs and weights of bullets, but all are premium bullets that are designed to perform. I have found that their composition yields a bullet that is tough, but not brittle. As can be seen in the pictures, the "hammer test" proved that while the bullets are hard, they do not come apart when beaten down with a framing hammer. In my experience, that means that the bullet will penetrate, without breaking apart on bone.

The accuracy of the Mt. Baldy Keith bullets is outstanding. They will shoot as well as the gun into which they are loaded. Cheap bevel base bullets can lead the barrel, adversely affecting accuracy, but Frank's bullets have proven very accurate in all guns in which I have tested them.

Check out the complete line of Mt. Baldy Bullets online at:

I highly recommend them.

Jeff Quinn

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The author with Mt. Baldy Bullets proprietor, Frank Ehrenford, during Jeff's recent visit to Cody.



Mt. Baldy's "Keith-style" bullets are true to Elmer Keith's design, featuring a large square-cornered lube groove and a square base. They also stand up to Jeff's "hammer test" very well, meaning they will penetrate tough muscle and bone without fragmentation.



Mt. Baldy's long-range competition bullets for big-bore rifles are the finest Jeff has ever tried.



For the finest premium cast bullets available, give Mt. Baldy bullets a try. Handmade quality, superior accuracy, and toughness to take on the meanest and largest animals guarantee that you will be satisfied!