Mr. Dial; an Improvement for the Dillon Powder Measure


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

October 9th, 2004




Several thousand shooters use Dillon loading equipment to handload their own ammunition, and for good reason. For many years, Dillon Precision has been producing some of the finest ammunition loading equipment available. I have depended upon my Dillon 550B for about eighteen years now, and would not be without one. It is probably the most versatile press available, and can easily be used as a single stage press for load development, or as a progressive to quickly turn out quantities of high quality ammo. Every loading machine that Dillon makes is a quality machine.

Dillonís powder measure that is used on their machines is also a high quality, reliable piece of equipment, but is not the quickest to adjust.  Mr. Dial is now producing a dandy little device that makes the Dillon measure easier to adjust, eliminating the need to use a wrench, and enhancing the userís ability to switch between powder settings.

The Mr. Dial is a brass wheel that replaces the adjustment bolt on the Dillon measure. Mr. Dial allows the user to adjust the powder charge by turning the brass wheel, and it is marked with reference numbers around its circumference, which enables the user to, once he is close to the powder weight desired, return to a previous setting. The instruction sheet states that each graduation of the dial moves the slider 1/1000 of an inch.

The Mr. Dial is not a micrometer, as can be found on Redding and some other powder benchrest type dispensers, but is a reference after you get close to the desired charge weight setting. In use, it greatly helps to find a desired charge weight, but must still be checked with a good powder scale. The Mr. Dial eliminates the need for the wrench, and is easily adjusted with the fingers, but stays put just as did the original bolt provided by Dillon.

It is a quality, American made product that is reasonably priced at just under 25 bucks, and has a lifetime warranty.  It makes a good powder measure even better.

You can order the Mr. Dial online at: 

Jeff Quinn

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Mr. Dial is a real and practical improvement for the already-excellent Dillon Powder Measure.



The Mr. Dial device replaces the Dillon's Powder Measure's standard bolt (shown), allowing repeatable fine adjustments without tools.