Mernickle Custom Holsters Extreme High Ride PS6
by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

October 12th, 2003




Over the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of reviewing a few of the excellent holster designs of Bob Mernickle. Bob is the chief of Mernickle Custom Holsters, and has recently moved the operation from Canada to Fernley, Nevada. In my experience, Bob is one of the very best holster craftsmen in the world. His designs show not only superb workmanship, but are innovative and unique.

When I recently needed a good concealment holster for a new Springfield .45 auto, I thought of Mernickle Custom Holsters first. After a brief conversation with Bob, he stated "I know just what you need".

A couple of weeks later, the Big Brown Truck of Happiness dropped off the package from Mernickle Custom Holsters. Contained inside were a PS6 holster and PS23 magazine carrier to match my existing Mernickle gun belt.

What I desired was a holster that would carry the all-steel Springfield pistol high and tight. The problem with most high ride holsters for a 1911 style automatic, is that they allow the butt of the gun to flop around like a damp fish.  Especially on a shorter barreled gun like the Springfield Champion, this can be a problem. Most holsters just cannot fight the weight that is hanging out above the leather, and the butt of the gun creates a bulge that gives away the fact that you are carrying concealed. 

With the PS6, Bob Mernickle has solved the problem, allowing the butt of the gun to stay pulled in tight against the body with an ingenious little design that Bob calls the stabilizer. The stabilizer is a welt of leather that goes either inside the pants, or behind the belt and outside the pants, that places outward pressure on the muzzle of the pistol, forcing the butt of the pistol to stay securely tucked in tight to the body. It is simple, and it works.

The PS6 carries the gun very high on the side for better concealment, but allows a very short draw length, resulting in a comfortable carry position with a relatively quick and easy draw. On a four inch gun like the Champion, the draw length is only two and one-half inches. On a full sized 1911, the draw is only an inch longer. The gun rides very high in the PS6, with most of the pistol riding above the belt. If not for the stabilizer, the gun would definitely move around, but with that stabilizer in place, the gun remains tucked in tightly for maximum concealment. The PS6 holds the gun securely in the holster, but releases it cleanly with a smooth upward draw. Also, the trigger guard is covered for added safety.

The double magazine pouch carries the magazines at a slight rearward angle to facilitate a quick natural movement to draw the mag from the pouch, and is finished to match the holster, which is by the way, beautifully done with a diagonal diamond design tooled into the leather.

Mernickle offers the PS6 to fit autos, single action revolvers, and double action revolvers in several different styles and finishes. The PS6 is, in my opinion, the very best belt holster on the market to effectively conceal a large automatic pistol. Check out the PS6 and the vast array of other fine leather products online at:

Bob Mernickle understands holster design, and expertly crafts his products from the finest materials available. I highly recommend a Mernickle holster to those who wish to carry the best.

Jeff Quinn


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- Boge Quinn

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Mernickle Custom Holsters' Extreme High Hide PS6 holster carries a large-frame automatic, such as Jeff's Springfield Champion, high and tight against the body.



Mernickle's PS6 at first glance looks like a superbly well-crafted concealment holster...



...but closer inspection proves the PS6 to be much more than just that. Bob Mernickle's innovative "stabilizer" locks the gun comfortably tight to the body, effectively balancing the weight of the gun riding above the leather and eliminating the tendency of the gun to flop around.



Aside from the secure and comfortable carry, the PS6 allows a very short and fast draw.



Carried along with Mernickle's PS23 Magazine carrier on a Mernickle belt, the PS6 holster is a superb concealment rig for large-frame semi-autos.



The author, long a fan of Bob Mernickle's products, heartily recommends the PS6 high-ride holster rig.