Mernickle Custom Holsters Extreme Paddle PS1


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

October 5th, 2004




Over the past couple of years, I have reviewed here on Gunblast a couple of unique holster designs by Mernickle Custom Holsters. Bob Mernickle was building these fine holsters in Canada, but has now moved his operation to Nevada.  Bobís PS6-SA has become my favorite way to pack a single action revolver concealed.  I also have a Mernickle gun belt that I wear daily. A good belt holster is only as good as the belt, and Bob makes the best available. His western style rigs are as good as anyoneís, and better than most. Bob is a Fast-Draw competitor, and knows how to make a rig that works well for that sport. His holsters exhibit the finest materials and workmanship, and the holster reviewed here is no different.

The most recent holster received from Mernickle Custom Holsters is what Bob calls the Extreme Paddle, or PS1. The example sent to me is for a full-sized 1911, and it carries and conceals that big forty-five very effectively. The PS1 is a paddle design, making it very easy and quick to put on and take off, without removing your belt. In fact, it can be worn even without a pants belt. Instead of using a piece of plastic for the paddle, Bob uses a piece of thin metal between two pieces of leather. The metal can be bent slightly as needed to form to different body shapes and sizes, adding greatly to the comfort of the wearer.

In addition to the sidearm, the Extreme Paddle carries an extra magazine just to the front of the firearm. This is a great idea. I seldom bother to strap on an extra magazine pouch when carrying a forty-five, but I should. I just donít want to add another holster to carry the magazine. With the PS1, the magazine pouch is built in. To reload, you just drop the empty magazine and reach across with the weak hand to grab a full one. The magazine is properly indexed for a quick reload without taking your eyes off of the problem at hand.  The PS1 carries the handgun high and tight. The trigger is covered, but the grip is fully exposed for a quick and secure hold. The PS1 hides a big auto easily under a light jacket or shirt.

The Extreme Paddle has a linear tab which securely locks the holster in place, yet is easily removed when ready. A paddle holster makes a lot of sense for someone who needs to occasionally remove their weapon, yet be able to easily put it back on.

The PS1 is, like all Mernickle holsters,  very well made from the best leather with the finest craftsmanship. I highly recommend it.

Check out the Extreme Paddle, along with many other fine holsters and gun belts online at: or call to order toll free at: 1-800-497-3166.

Jeff Quinn

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Mernickle Custom Holsters' PS1 "Extreme Paddle" holster.



Mernickle's PS1 carries even large handguns, such as this Springfield Armory 1911, comfortably and easily concealed with a spare magazine at the ready.