Mernickle Holsters New RealTree AP Camouflaged Leather


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

April 16th, 2010




I have been using Mernickle Holsters' leather products for several years now. Bob Mernickle builds some of the most practical, useful, and well-crafted holsters and belts available. His concealment holsters carry the weapon high and tight for maximum concealment, comfort, and availability. The Mernickle FC3 field holster is one of Bobís designs that I use the most, as it is a cross draw style that holds the handgun at an extreme angle, to allow easy access and comfort while sitting in a vehicle or upon an ATV. It would probably be ideal for riding horseback as well, but I do not use that means of conveyance, but others have told me that the FC3 works very well when mounted upon an equine.

I have a Mernickle gun belt that I have worn everyday since 2002, with the exception of about three weeks in 2006. That belt, while the finish is getting a bit worn, is as strong, comfortable, and useful today as it was when new. By everyday, I mean every day, everywhere. I wear it while working, riding, farming, and to Church. When I am packing on my hip, the Mernickle belt firmly holds the holster in place. It never sags, and never allows the holstered gun to move around. The only modification I have made to the belt is to drill a couple of holes to tighten it as my waist size has been reduced a bit over the rears. Not reduced enough, but reduced.

Now, Bob Mernickle has teamed up with RealTree and Herman Oaks Leather to produce some holsters, carriers, and belts with a RealTree AP camo finish impregnated into the vegetable-tanned leather. Many hunters wear camouflaged clothing, and RealTree AP is one of the most popular and effective patterns available today. Many hunters do not realize that a polished piece of leather can shine like a mirror on a sunny day outdoors. This Realtree AP pattern on the Mernickle products eliminates the glare, and it matches up perfectly with clothing, hats, gloves, and boots that wear the same popular pattern.

Shown here is a Mernickle FC13 holster that Bob built to fit my five-shot Ruger 480 Redhawk Alaskan. This holster protects the weapon extremely well, and the thumb break is quick to release. It is a cross draw, making it convenient to access whether walking or sitting. The matching belt is built of Mernickleís sturdy construction, and carries the holstered gun securely. The cartridge slide holds another five rounds in reserve, if needed.

This new finish from Bob Mernickle allows a hunter to go afield with a quality custom-crafted camouflaged holster rig that is tailor-made for his sidearm, instead of having to use some cheap nylon one-size-fits-none holster from the discount store.

Check out these and other Mernickle leather products online at, or give Bob a call at 1-800-497-3166.

He can build you a holster rig to exactly and precisely fit both you and your handgun.

Jeff Quinn


Author's trusty old Mernickle gun belt between two new Mernickle belts.



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Leather belt, holster, and cartridge carrier.





Five-shot Ruger .480 Alaskan revolver is no longer in production, and very few were made. Collectors may cringe at the thought of this one riding on Jeff's hip through the brush, but Jeff's guns are for shooting.