Custom Glock 40 S&W from Lone Wolf Distributors


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

August 18th, 2011


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Lone Wolf Custom 40 S&W Glock pistol.



Slim grip has interchangeable inserts.





Lone Wolf compensator and Hybrid ports keep muzzle jump to a minimum.



The beavertail of the Timberwolf frame makes shooting the pistol much more comfortable.





Lone Wolf Distributors is proof positive that folks are doing a lot more than growing taters out in Idaho. For several years now, shooters, particularly Glock shooters, have turned to Lone Wolf for replacement barrels and accessories for their Glock pistols. Glock has always warned against the use of lead bullets in their barrels, and shooters who want to shoot lead out of their Glocks have found that a drop-in replacement barrel from Lone Wolf was the way to go. Lone Wolf barrels are high quality, and they shoot accurately, with either jacketed, plated, or plain lead bullets.

Besides their quality replacement barrels, Lone Wolf has everything for the Glock shooter. The Glock is a very good weapon, and has become one of the all-time success stories for a modern pistol, capturing the minds and occupying the holsters of law enforcement personnel and thousands of others who choose to carry a defensive firearm. The Glock is relatively lightweight, reliable, and carries a heavy payload of ammunition. Still, as with any weapon system, there is always room for improvements, upgrades, and personalization, and Lone Wolf Distributors has anything and everything needed to customize a Glock pistol. Lone Wolf also has parts and complete assemblies for AR rifles as well, along with lots of other useful stuff, but here we are looking at how far one can go to personalize and perfect a Glock pistol using parts from Lone Wolf Distributors.

Lone Wolf has every part needed to assemble a complete Glock-style pistol, from triggers, connectors, and other small internal parts, to complete frames and slide assemblies. Lone Wolf sells parts to upgrade and improve the performance of a stock Glock pistol, or everything needed to completely build your own. Here we are looking at a pistol that would be at home on a combat shooting competition range, in a duty holster, or in the hunting field.

The basis for this pistol is Lone Wolf’s Timberwolf frame. The Timberwolf is a direct replacement for a Generation 3 Glock frame, but it feels so much better in my hands than any Glock which I have ever handled. The Timberwolf frame has a grip with two different inserts to adjust the size and feel to suit the user. I prefer the slim insert myself. Measuring with calipers, the differences are minute; a bit smaller in several places, but the sum of this grip improvement adds up to a grip that feels like no other, and much better than any modified Glock frame that I have handled. The checkering is well executed, the finger grooves are subtle and perfectly placed, and best of all, there is a wide beavertail at the top of the grip. The beavertail serves to better distribute recoil across the web between the thumb and trigger finger, and also serves to better locate the hand for shooting. It is just more comfortable to shoot than a standard Glock frame. The trigger guard is rounded at the bottom, and there is plenty of accessory rail to mount a light or other hardware. The Timberwolf frame can be used with standard Glock internals, or purchased ready to go, with Lone Wolf internal parts. The Timberwolf frame on this particular pistol has a Lone Wolf 3.5 pound connector, a six pound Wolff trigger spring, and a Lone Wolf Ultimate trigger stop. The result is a smooth trigger pull that releases with four pounds, eleven ounces of resistance on this pistol. Just right.

Atop the Timberwolf frame is a Lone Wolf slide assembly. The one shown here wears no mechanical sights, nor is the slide milled for sights, but only milled to accept the Burris Fast Fire Electronic Dot Sight, or other similar sight. The dot sight is a good choice for competition, and it works equally well as a hunting sight, and as a defensive sight for use in all lighting conditions. The dot is very quick to get on target, reliable, and easy to use. The Lone Wolf slide is made of stainless steel, as is the Lone Wolf barrel. The barrel is threaded to accept a sound suppressor, or the Lone Wolf compensator shown. The comp can be easily removed, if desired, and serves well to reduce muzzle jump during recoil, as does the Hybrid ports atop the barrel and slide. The combination of the Hybrid and the comp results in very little muzzle rise, even when shooting Plus P rated ammunition through the pistol, getting the weapon back on target quickly. The Timberwolf pistol, as shown here with comp and empty magazine weighs in at 27.9 ounces, and balances and handles extremely well. It feels so much better in my hands than any Glock, and runs perfectly and smoothly, shooting a wide variety of factory and hand-loaded ammunition.

Shooting this Timberwolf pistol was a pleasure. It proved to be accurate, one hundred percent reliable, and very easy to shoot and to shoot well. It is a very good platform to showcase some of the things that can be done to a Glock pistol using Lone Wolf parts, and it perfects the already very good Glock system.

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Jeff Quinn

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Click pictures for a larger version.


Burris Fast Fire dot sight.



The Timberwolf frame uses standard Glock magazines.





Captured recoil spring with stainless guide rod.