Lipsey’s Partnering with to Provide Free Service to Our Readers

by Greg, Jeff & Boge Quinn
March 9, 2004


Jeff with Lipsey's Jason Cloessner has become, largely to you readers, a household name among firearms enthusiasts.  We were the premier online gun test magazine, and have remained the leader in this industry.  With over 160,000 visitors per day and growing, our website has performed a service to many readers.  That’s what we are about, and happy to do so.  Like you, we love guns, and pride ourselves on what we’ve built.  At the same time, we are always looking for ways to be better, to provide more services to our reader.  We often get requests from readers, after reading a firearm review, asking to purchase the gun. doesn’t sell guns; to do so would compromise our dedication to an unbiased review of any and all firearms and related products.  However, we want to help our readers find the guns they want to purchase.  We’ve tried to do this through email replies, but with the huge volume of email we receive, it is physically impossible to respond to everyone.  Therefore, we wanted to provide a service on our website where any reader could simply “click” and find a local dealer in their area from whom they could purchase the firearm product in question.  For that reason, we contacted Lipsey’s to utilize their huge national dealer referral network for the benefit of our readership.

For over 50 years, Lipsey’s has established a reputation as one of the leading firearms wholesalers in the United States.  For many years, the Gunblast brothers have had our local dealer to order guns for us from Lipsey’s.  Our buddy Jason Cloessner has taken care of us on gun purchases for some time, and we know that they provide a great service at a great price to their gun dealer network. Now, in order to provide a free firearm purchase referral program to our loyal readership, Gunblast has developed a unique association with our friends at Lipsey’s.

Here’s how it will work.  You read an article about a product on  You want to go out and buy that product, but may not know a dealer who carries this product.  No worries!  You can simply click on the Lipseys banner at the bottom of the article or on the Home page, and you are carried to the Lipsey’s website.  You can click the "Shop Online" and browse the items that Lipsey's carries. Your dealer can go online and check Lipsey's inventory to see if a gun is in stock. If you do not have a dealer, you can see Lipsey's dealer referral network, a great free service, which allows you to find a local dealer in your area that carries the product in question. You buy the product from the local dealer, who gets it at great pricing from Lipsey’s, and everyone is happy.  And, we at Gunblast have provided another unique service to our readership.

Please note that doesn’t get a kickback from Lipsey’s or any dealers. We don’t care where you buy your firearms products.  But, we know that if you buy through a Lipsey’s dealer, you should expect to receive great service and a great price for the product.  We always have.

Another neat thing about Lipsey’s is their “Lipsey’s Exclusives”.  Through special relationships with major manufacturers, Lipsey’s often sells through their dealer network exclusive guns that are not obtainable anywhere else.  Watch on as we review these Lipsey’s exclusive gun products.

We hope this service is a good one for you.  Keep us posted on how it works.


Greg, Jeff, Boge Quinn