Leupold VX-II 4 to 12 Power Green Anodized Riflescope


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

June 19th, 2008




Leupold, one of the most trusted and highly respected riflescope manufacturers in the world, has introduced a new scope finish to match the Remington VTR and ArmaLite green colored rifles that are ever increasing in popularity. I recently reviewed the excellent Remington .308 VTR rifle. It is a rifle that has many design features that make it especially suitable as both a hunting and fighting rifle. It has a barrel with enough rigidity for fine accuracy, but is light enough in weight to make it portable enough for hunting in rugged terrain. The VTR wears a green stock with black inserts and a matte black barrel and receiver. Leupold is now making their superb VX-II 4 to 12 power scope with a finish that matches the Remington stock. The VX-II has an adjustable objective lens that can focus from just a few yards away, out to infinity. It has one-quarter inch click adjustments, a long-range duplex reticle, very clear optics, and is backed by Leupold’s excellent lifetime warranty. Mounted to the rifle with a set of matte black rings, the scope looks custom made for the VTR, which it is. As noted above, the green finish also matches closely the green finish supplied on many ArmaLite AR-15 and AR-10 rifles as well.

For trying out the new riflescope, I attached it to a new .223 Remington VTR rifle, and fired it at the NRA Whittington Center near Raton, New Mexico. Both the rifle and scope performed admirably. The VTR was very accurate, even when shooting in a gusty crosswind, as can be seen by looking at the lateral dispersion of the bullet holes on the target. Even when shooting in the rain, the scope never fogged, and the clear optics made hits at distant target easy to make. For more details on the VTR, I refer the reader to my recent review of that rifle in .308 caliber.

The green Leupold scope is only available from dealers who buy from the wholesale distributor Acusport, which is a large wholesaler located in Bellefontaine, Ohio. If your favorite gun dealer is not an Acusport dealer, have them to call 1-800-543-3150 to get set up as one.

Jeff Quinn


Even in a gusty crosswind, the scope/rifle combo proved to very accurate using Black Hills factory ammo.





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Leupold's VX-II 4-12x green anodized scope, mounted on a Remington VTR .223 rifle.





Adjustable objective lens.