Free Bowie Knife Offer from Puma Rifles & Legacy Sports


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

March 15th, 2007




Iím not quite sure why I like Bowie knives so much, but I do. Perhaps the only person more intrigued by the Bowie than I is my friend Mike Cumpston. He is an expert on Bowie knivesÖ.. I just like them. For most practical purposes, other knives are better for certain individual tasks. However, a proper Bowie will serve as a fighting weapon, hatchet, pry bar, shovel, eating utensil, can opener, machete, hammer, or utility knife. I probably forgot a few other uses. It is a very versatile tool for the woodsman, and a formidable weapon in the right hands.  The Bowie style is legendary, and many makers craft their own interpretation of the big knife.

I recently reviewed the Puma .480 levergun, and subsequently purchased the test rifle. While buying the rifle, I learned of Legacy Sportís offer of a free Bowie knife to purchasers of new Puma rifles. Sign me up! In a couple of weeks, the knife arrived at the palatial Gunblast headquarters.

The Legacy Bowie comes complete with a leather sheath with leg tie-down. It has a full tang, brass handguard, wooden handles, and an eight and three-quarters inch stainless blade with a thickness of almost three-sixteenths of an inch.

The knife is made in China, but seems to have some pretty good steel in it, and the blade is very sharp and seems to hold an edge very well. The style reminds me of the Western brand Bowies that were popular several years ago, and that sometimes still show up at gun and knife shows.

I usually donít do any knife reviews, as to me they are merely tools, and I donít get real worked up over them. However, this Legacy Bowie has a gun connection, being available free to purchasers of the Puma lever action rifles. Well, almost free. There is a shipping/handling charge, but it is still a darn great deal on a Bowie style knife. For folks who do not for whatever reason want or need a new Puma rifle, the knife is available for $79.95 at the time of this writing directly from Legacy Sports.  I look at the knife offer as another good incentive to buy a dandy new rifle.

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Jeff Quinn

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Legacy Sports International's Bowie knife.







Both sheath and blade are branded with the Legacy Sports International logo.





The Legacy Bowie features full tang construction for strength.





Palatial Gunblast headquarters.