LaserLyte Laser Sight for the North American Arms Mini-Revolvers


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

February 8th, 2010




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I have for years been a proponent of laser sights, by that I mean good quality laser sights, on defensive handguns. A defensive handgun is carried for protection from the evil in this world, and the doers of evil usually apply their trade under the cover of darkness. A good laser sight helps a shooter to better place his shots in poor lighting conditions. In the dark, pistol sights are hard or impossible to see, and with a laser sight, the shooter can concentrate his attention upon the target. I have a laser sight on every one of my handguns that I carry for protection. Like the other components of your fighting handgun, the laser must be reliable and durable. There is a lot of junk on the market that is to be avoided, but a good quality laser can be a valuable asset.

Many people often carry the small revolvers from North American Arms, Charter Arms, or the discontinued Freedom Arms mini-guns for protection when nothing larger can be comfortably concealed, or as a backup to a larger weapon. These little five-shot rimfire revolvers are very compact and easy to hide. The power is pretty much limited to the five rounds of .22 Long Rifle or .22 magnum ammo contained within the cylinder, as there is no fast reload for these little guns. Therefore, every shot has to count. These little guns are usually considered to be an arms-length proposition; the revolvers have the mechanical accuracy to be of use at greater distances, but the short sight radius and miniscule sights make it hard to use that potential accuracy. At the range, in good light, I can easily keep a cylinder full of ammo on a human silhouette target at twenty-five yards, but under stress in the dark, no way. The sights are just too hard to see.

Now, LaserLyte has come up with a solution. They developed a small, lightweight laser sight that attaches to the top of the frame of the NAA mini-revolvers. The laser sight weighs less than one-half ounce, is easy to activate, and projects a red laser beam that is easy to see and use, allowing for fast target acquisition and reliable hits at any reasonable handgun combat distance.

Attached to the top of the frame, the toggle switch points slightly upward. When cocking the hammer, the thumb naturally turns on the laser in one motion, making the laser sight very quick to activate. In the dark, the laser is easy to see out past 100 yards. In bright daylight, the range is limited to just a few yards.

The LaserLyte laser sight for the NAA Minis adds several yards to the revolvers practical range, adds almost no weight or bulk, and is very easy to operate. It is easy to install, and easy to adjust to point-of-aim.

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Jeff Quinn




Adjustment to point-of-aim is easy.



Switch is quick and easy to activate.

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LaserLyte laser sight for North American Arms' mini-revolver.





Installation is quick and easy.





Batteries are contained under switch cap.