LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser for Glock & Springfield XD Pistols


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

July 24th, 2009

UPDATED November 28th, 2009




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Laser sighting technology seems to be constantly improving as laser sights get more popular. Today’s shooters demand better, more reliable laser sights, and the manufacturers are providing what shooters want. Make no mistake, there are still plenty of cheap, junk laser sights on the market, but the best manufacturers like Crimson Trace and LaserLyte are building rugged, reliable, and accurate sights. The one shown here is the new unit from LaserLyte that replaces the rear sight on a Glock pistol. Unlike lasers that mount beneath the barrel in front of the trigger guard, the Rear Sight Laser has no effect on holstering the weapon. Nothing on the pistol is changed, except the rear sight. The unit is totally self-contained. There are no switches or wires running anywhere on or in the pistol. There are no touch pads. Nothing. Just drift out the rear sight using a mallet and the brass punch provided by LaserLyte, drift in the LaserLyte rear sight, tighten the set screw, and the installation is complete. The unit is adjustable for windage and elevation correction, and an Allen wrench is provided to make that adjustment. The whole process might take five minutes if you are slow.

The laser is activated by a push button on the rear of the unit. There are three settings; constant “ON”, pulse, and “OFF”. LaserLyte claims a full hour of run time in the constant on position, and double that in pulse mode. Batteries are included, and the unit comes with an extra set of four batteries as well. The batteries are small, hearing aid type batteries, and are commonly available.

I am a proponent of laser sights on fighting handguns. There are times when there is not enough room to look over top of the pistol without compromising your cover. With a laser, you can aim around a barricade and still place your shots on the target. Also, the thugs come out at night. Darkness provides concealment for their evil deeds, and you are much more likely to need to defend yourself in the dark than at noon. If you are attacked, I guarantee that your attention will be focused upon the attacker, and you might never see your sights, even if they were visible. Placing the bright red dot upon the attacker places the sight picture and the target on the same plane.

The LaserLyte Rear Sight laser is a very good idea, well made, and easy to install. It will fit the rear sight dovetail of any Glock pistol, and sights to fit other popular pistols are on the way.

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Update: LaserLyte now has these sights in production to fit the Springfield XD pistols, as well as the Glocks.


Jeff Quinn



The sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation correction.



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LaserLyte unit comes packaged with extra batteries and installation tools.



Simply drift out the rear sight and replace with the LaserLyte unit.