The LULA (Loading/UnLoading Accessory)
by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

February 18th, 2003



As I write this, we have just returned from the 2003 SHOT Show in Orlando, Florida.  With over 512,000 square feet of displays, it took us three days to see everything that was of interest to us, and that is skipping over all of the outdoor clothing and archery stuff. There were, of course many new guns introduced at the show, along with hundreds of gun-related products. Some of these were useful, while others were just plain silly. One of the most useful products is the subject  of this article: The LULA.

While visiting at the Savage Arms booth, one of their representatives asked me if I had seen the LULA. After displaying my total ignorance of the product, she pulled one from her purse, and explained to me how the thing works, and directed me to the booth where they were displayed. There I received a demonstration of this little device, and immediately had to have one.

The LULA is a dandy little device that is made to easily and quickly load any magazine that is made to fit an AR-15 or M-16, regardless of magazine capacity. It is, without a doubt, one of the neatest little mag loaders ever devised. It is manufactured in Israel, and is in use by the Israeli Defense Forces. The LULA snaps onto the top of the magazine, and locks into the cutout for the magazine latch. To load a magazine, one simply drops in a cartridge, and rotates the top lever. The lever moves about 45 degrees, and a round is inserted with each push or pull of the handle. It is amazingly simple, and very fast. The first try, I was able to fully load a thirty round magazine in 37 seconds., without any effort at all. Unloading the magazine is even quicker. In a total of five seconds, the mag was emptied.  It is so easy, that it is fun.

Anyone that owns an AR-15 type weapon should own one of these. If I can help it, I will never again be without one. The LULA weighs under two ounces, and is very compact. It sells for under 25 bucks, and would be a bargain at twice the price.

For more information, and a list of distributors, check out the LULA at:

I give the LULA my highest recommendation. It is light, compact, inexpensive, and it works.

Jeff Quinn

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The LULA (Loading/UnLoading Accessory)



The LULA snaps onto the top of an AR-15/M-16 magazine and locks into the cutout for the magazine latch.



To load, just drop in a cartridge and rotate the top lever. Magazines effortlessly load in seconds!



Unloading a magazine using the LULA is even easier. Just rotate the top lever!



The LULA stows in this compacted position for easy carry.



Bottom line: if you have one of these... need one of these!