C&S Metall-Werkes Krinker Plinker AK-74 Conversion for the Ruger 10/22 Rifle


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

October 9th, 2007




I was sitting at the airport after visiting the Smith & Wesson factory back in June of this year, talking with Leroy Thompson while we were each waiting for different airplanes to carry us back to our respective homes. After discussing various topics for a while, Leroy asked if I had  seen the Krinker Plinker, and I told him that I had never heard of it. He got on his telephone immediately, and asked that one be sent to me for review.  My first thoughts after about hearing what a "Krinker Plinker" was, was that it must be just some junk play thing for commando wannabes, but having been recommended by Leroy Thompson that I try it out, I decided that a review might be in order. Leroy is a highly respected writer and weapons expert, and I knew that if he recommended it, that it must be worth a look.

After a couple of days, the Krinker Plinker arrived at the palatial Gunblast Headquarters. The Krinker Plinker is a kit that includes everything but the receiver, trigger group, and their internal parts to convert a Ruger 10/22 rifle into a replica AK-74U Krinkov assault rifle. The kit includes a new sixteen inch heavy barrel, AK-style pistol grip and handguard, an extended magazine release, a fake sound suppressor (silencer), a good set of adjustable peep sights, a Picatinny rail for mounting optics, hardware, and a Krinkov style side-folding stock. The metal parts are either black anodized aluminum, or black oxide coated steel. The kit also comes with a good set of illustrated instructions for installing the kit on your Ruger 10/22 receiver.

Having no extra receiver lying around, I stripped the stock and barrel from a 10/22 rifle, and proceeded to install the Krinker Plinker kit. Following the detailed instructions, installation was simple, and required the use of on a couple of Allen wrenches and a slot-tip screwdriver. I mounted a Trijicon ACOG scope atop the Picatinny rail, and was ready to go shooting.  Fully assembled on a Ruger receiver, the Krinker Plinker weighs just slightly over five and three-quarters pounds, and about ten ounces less with the fake suppressor removed. Overall length of the Krinker Plinker is just 23 ĺ inches with the stock folded, and 32 Ĺ inches with the stock deployed.  The stock locks rigidly into position, and folds with just the push of a button. Folded, it makes for a really compact weapon, and the gun can be fired with the stock in either position. Length of pull measures 11-5/8 inches.

The Krinker Plinker can be fired with or without the fake suppressor, and I fired it both ways. The fake can changes the weight and balance of the Krinker Plinker, making it easier to hold on target with the device attached, but lighter to carry with it detached. I also attached my Tactical Solutions titanium suppressor, which threaded perfectly onto the Krinker Plinkerís barrel, and the gun functioned perfectly with the can attached. The threads are 1/2x28, and will work with most .22 caliber cans and muzzle brakes. The suppressor was very effective in reducing the sound signature of the rifle. I will have a full review on the Tac-Sol can as soon as my testing is complete.

The Krinker Plinker worked very well, depending upon the magazine used in the weapon. The Krinker Plinker can use any magazine made for the .22 Long Rifle 10/22, and magazine quality varies quite a bit. Factory Ruger magazines functioned perfectly, but were harder to remove than aftermarket extended magazines, due to their fitting flush with the receiver, and allowing nothing to grab hold of.  Some brands of magazines were a snug fit in the mag well of the Krinker Plinker, while others were easy to insert and remove. Ram-Line fifty-round mags seemed to work best in mine. I fired the Krinker Plinker with a large variety of .22 Long Rifle ammunition, and accuracy was very good. This is not a carbine that I would carry squirrel hunting, but it isnít intended to be a hunting arm. It is a fine little .22 plinker. It is a "fun gun", and there is nothing at all wrong with that concept.

I was impressed by the quality of the parts in the Krinker Plinker kit. This is no cheap gun-show type of toy, but is a high quality product for those who want something a bit different in a 10/22. The Krinker Plinker definitely has that Soviet AK assault rifle flavor to it. Most of us will never get to see a real AK-74 Krinkov, but can get a Krinker Plinker conversion (in most parts of our nation). It is well-crafted from quality products, and very inexpensive to shoot all day. It is a fun little .22 plinker, with all the reliability of the legendary Ruger 10/22.

For more information on details and pricing, or to order the Krinker Plinker online, go to www.krinkerplinker.com.

Jeff Quinn

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C&S Metall-Werkes Krinker Plinker AK-74 Conversion for the Ruger 10/22 Rifle.



Kit includes an AK-style pistol grip (top) and handguard (bottom).



Iron sights are well-designed, with a front protected post (top) and "ghost ring" rear with two flip-up apertures (middle & bottom).



A Picatinny rail is also included for mounting an optical sight, such as this Trijicon ACOG.



The kit comes with fake sound suppressor, but will accept a real suppressor such as the compact, lightweight Tactical Solutions Titanium can.



The Krinker Plinker can use any 10-22 compatible magazine.



Nicely-designed side-folding stock allows the Krinker Plinker to be fired with stock either folded or extended.