A Day at the Range with Inland Manufacturing

by Boge Quinn

photography by Boge Quinn

February 27th, 2016


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Selective-Fire SBR Advisor (top), and semi-auto Advisor pistol (bottom).









Earlier this week, our friend Ron Norton of Inland manufacturing came down to Tennessee from the Inland plant in Dayton, Ohio, for a visit. He brought some fun stuff with him: one of the newly-introduced Inland/Ithaca Model 37 WWII-style shotguns, complete with vintage bayonet; one of the new Inland "Advisor" M1 Carbine semi-auto pistols (the Advisor is a legal pistol, requiring no ATF tax stamp to own); and a REALLY cool NFA/SBR selective-fire version of the Advisor, complete with folding "Paratrooper" style buttstock and "giggle switch". (He also brought with him a beautiful vintage guitar that he had picked-up along the way, as Ron and I share a love of vintage guitar collecting).

We had a great time with Ron, playing with the Advisors (although, admittedly, the semi-auto didn't get much attention with its M2 sister on-hand) and the Model 37, talking guns and history, and shooting up Ron's ammo. Inland is making some very impressive and historically-accurate products, and we look forward to more extensive testing in the future. Inland products are made in America, and made right.

Check them out at www.inland-mfg.com.

Boge Quinn

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CroMagnon Targets

YouTube Video: "Bringing Realism to the Range with CroMagnon Targets"



Ithaca Model 37 shotgun.





The Model 37 takes the standard Model 1917 bayonet.