Hodgdon’s Coffee Mug


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

January 27th, 2007




Okay, y’all are going to think that I’ve lost my dern mind, but yes, this is a review of a coffee cup. Hodgdon Powder Company markets some of the best and most useful hand loading powders available. When I am loading for just about any cartridge or shotshell, I find myself reaching for Hodgdon Powders more than any other. The good folks at Hodgdon have the best online source of load data anywhere, and it is available free of charge to anyone. That is a good service, and greatly appreciated by handloaders.  They also market a very extensive line of Hodgdon, IMR, and Winchester powders.

Lately, when drinking coffee, I find myself reaching for my Hodgdon mug more than any other. In fact, since I obtained this mug, I have used none of my other extensive and eclectic collection of coffee cups. I like a good cup of coffee each morning, and throughout the day in cool weather, and I detest both bland coffee and dinky little delicate girly coffee cups!

This Hodgdon mug is a heavy duty unit, weighing in at about one and a quarter pounds, empty. It is large, thick, and most importantly, has a good big loop handle so that a man’s hand can get a good hold on the cup.  It will hold about fourteen ounces of good Columbian coffee, or a full pound of Hodgdon 110 powder.

I like good coffee, not the fancy flavored coffee-of-the-month type stuff, but just good 100 percent Columbian Wal-Mart stuff, with nothing added.

I never intended to do a review of a coffee mug, and up until today I would have bet heavily against such an idiotic idea, but I got to thinking that as much time as I spend loading ammo and bench testing in cool weather, there is usually a good cup of coffee sitting there beside the cartridge cases, bullets, and gunpowder. It might as well be a good mug that I enjoy using.

These mugs sell for just under seven bucks at  www.hodgdon.com, and can be ordered right off the website.

Chris and Mike and the other folks at Hodgdon will most likely think that I have been sniffing too much gunpowder, but I have reviewed other products in the past that were neither as useful nor affordable as this big ol’ Hodgdon mug.  Life is too long to endure using a sissy coffee cup.  Y’all better get you one while you can.  Alright, you can call the nut wagon to come take me away now, but just let me bring my coffee cup.

Jeff Quinn

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This mug is big enough to hold a full pound of H110 powder...



...or about fourteen ounces of good coffee.



Everyone who drinks coffee should appreciate a good, heavy, hand-filling mug with a nice big handle.