Hi Viz Sights AR-15 Fiber Optic Sight


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

June 10th, 2003




Lately, we have been shooting several AR-15 type rifles at Gunblast.com. Along with evaluating the guns, we have been testing various sighting systems such as scopes and tritium optical devices. One of the simplest and most useful sights that we have tried is a new front sight from Hi Viz Sight Systems. It is a replacement front sight for the AR-15.

The Hi Viz front sight has a fiber optic insert that provides a bright aiming point in any but the darkest of shooting conditions. The fiber optic insert gathers light, concentrating it into a bright green dot in the front sight post. Unlike some other sight systems, the Hi Viz does nothing to detract from the issue sights, it adds no weight or bulk, and needs no batteries to function. It is always "on" and ready to use.

In use, I found the sight to be extremely helpful in getting a good sight picture in low light conditions such as in the woods or a dimly lit building. It stands out brightly against any background, and is easily adjusted for elevation with the tool provided. Installation took about one minute, and does not alter the weapon in any permanent way. I highly recommend the Hi Viz for installation on any AR-15 with a front sight.

Check out Hi Viz on the web at:   www.hivizsights.com

Jeff Quinn

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The Hi Viz sight system includes a simple and effective installation tool.



Installation takes only a minute with the Hi Viz tool.



The Hi Viz front sight is very effective in any practical lighting condition. The Hi Viz sight is highly recommended for any AR-15 style rifle with a front sight.