You Are Under Attack

by Greg Quinn

November 1, 2021


I don’t think that it should surprise you that we are under attack.  The Bible clearly tells us that the enemy (Satan, the Devil) is against us.  The Devil will do everything in his power to “steal, kill, and destroy”.  The Devil is against you, against your family, against your community, against your state, against your nation, against the world.

But I think at this time that we as Christians are under attack more than at any time in our history.  This attack is becoming more blatant all the time.  It is not just the spiritual attack of the Devil, but it is attacks coming from our Governments and from other people against us.

Who is the enemy? 

The Devil.  John 10:10 says, The thief cometh not, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.  This is Jesus speaking in this passage of Scripture.  The Devil, Satan, is our main enemy.  He desires that we are destroyed, our testimony is destroyed, our family is destroyed, our nation is destroyed.  He is the proponent of all evil, of all bad.  Evil men get their orders from Satan and his demons.

Evil humans.  People under the leadership of Satan have designed all manners of evil against us.  I cannot speak of them all for brevity’s sake, but I will mention a few.  We have evil men who have created a disease that is designed to kill us.  Don’t believe the lies of the media; get the facts for yourself.  Dr. Fauci in his own emails confirms their agenda, their creation of the disease, the grant to the Chinese Wuhan Laboratories for the completion of the gain of function research, and the World Health Organization and the Gates Foundation that funded it.  Covid19 was designed years ago and created as a bioweapon to kill people.  There is a “depopulation agenda” by Bill Gates and others that required a disease and a vaccine to reduce global populations to a more manageable level.  These same people created a “vaccine” designed to change our human DNA, render us unable to reproduce, and kill us.  Don’t believe me; get the facts for yourself.  Look at the ingredients in the Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna injections.  Listen to the testimonies of scientists and researchers who understand the components of the drugs and what it does to us as humans.  Look at the VAERS system which reports the adverse reactions to the Covid19 vaccines.  Watch some of the video testimonies of people who have suffered adverse reactions from the drugs, or who have lost loved ones in the process.  Look at internet-based shows like Stu Peters and many others that provide the truth through interviews with doctors and scientists.  The disease was man-made and was created for evil as a bioweapon.  The “vaccine” was created for more evil and to make a handful of people a lot of money.  Some of you may have taken the vaccines, and I hope that you have not experienced any adverse reactions to date.  Some of you have had loved ones die from this disease and from the vaccines, and my heart goes out to you.  My family has experienced the same, as our dear mother died when she contracted Covid19 and succumbed to the disease.  It is at the hand of evil people that this disease was created, the “vaccine” was created, and the outcome has been evil.

Our current Government administrations here in the US and globally.  Governments around the world are “mandating” this drug, taking away our civil liberties and human rights.  I have seen the videos from countries like Australia where the people no longer have any choice over their own bodies or those of their families.  I have seen the videos of children been ripped from the arms of their mothers to be taken into another room and forcibly given the Covid “vaccine”.  Here in America, local, city, state, and Federal governments have attempted to take away our Constitutional rights by forcing upon us a drug.  Never before has the US Government mandated any drug to our citizens, so why now unless there is another evil agenda?  Previously, there has been argument upon argument confirming our medial rights to privacy under HIPPA and other regulations; why now have these been overlooked?  Why are we being forced upon us and our families a drug against a disease which has a 99.997 percent chance of survival?  Why are we being prohibited to go to movies or sporting events, go to restaurants and diners, going to grocery stores, traveling by plane or train, or crossing borders at neighboring countries without proof of a vaccine that hasn’t been proven effective?  Why have nurses and doctors and pilots and teachers and police officers and our military and many others been threatened with loss of their job if they didn’t get the jab?  Why have we been stripped of our liberties and rights under the US Constitution?  If you have voluntarily taken the shot out of your own decision that it was right for you, then that is fine and it’s your choice.  But what right has the Government to mandate upon the rest of us a drug against our wills?  This is no longer a choice as to whether or not we take the “vaccine” to protect us from Covid19.  This is a matter of liberty and global government regimes and evil leadership within those governments that force upon their citizenry anything against their wills. 

Media.  Our mainstream media lies to us about what is right and what is wrong.  We have to dig for the truth.  When I was young it seemed that the world and local news we obtained was from only 3 TV channels and we trusted the information as accurate.  Now I know that, even though it was much better then than now, it was rite with misinformation even then.  Case in point.  When I was young we were taught that China was a very poor country and the people were starving.  If we didn’t eat all the food that was on our plates as children, our mother or grandmother would say, “eat all your food as there are starving children in China that have no food”.  Later we were taught by the media that China was poor and the people were mistreated.  I have been to China myself many times.  I have done business in China.  I have found that the cities within China are among the richest and most elaborate in the world.  I have been to Chinese factories and see production capabilities beyond that of most other nations of the world.  I have been around Chinese people and find them some of the nicest and most peaceful people I have ever seen.  I have seen the educational system in China and it far exceeds that of the United States.  I have seen that the average Chinese person has more money than most families in the US.  Yes, there are areas of poverty in China even today, but why are we taught lies by our media?  We see on TV News the events of our nation and the world and we believe them to be true as we do not take the opportunity to discover otherwise.  The Media now tries to tell us that we are “racist” and many believe it.  The Media says that we are wrong if we do not take the forced shot.  The Media says teaching 6 year old children about sexual intercourse and homosexuality complete with drawings is all OK.  The Media says that the US is losing.  The Media said pulling out of Afghanistan and leaving all our weapons for our enemies there is OK.  The Media says conservatives in America are the minority.  The Media presents Christians as ignorant and weak.  I think we can no longer believe the Media.  We need to research for ourselves.  There are plenty of sources out there for non-biased news and information.  We just need to do our own research and not believe everything the Media wants us to believe.

Educational system.  Our government-mandated educational system in America is at best inferior to most other first world nations and at worst a teaching of evil for the degrading of American families and individuals.  There are books being mandated in our schools across the United States that forces perverse teachings about sex to children as young as the first grade.  For years the US government-mandated curriculum has been below standards in terms of educational effectiveness and has utterly removed any evidence of Christianity or the founding of our nation upon Christian principles.  Our educational system in America is broken and needs fixing.  The evil that took prayer out of schools has led to generations of anti-God and anti-people actions.  We have been taught evil through our school systems.

What can we do about it?

Trust God.  John 10:10 says, The thief cometh not, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.  We know the Devil seeks to destroy us, but Jesus came that we might have eternal life and enjoy an abundant life here on Earth.  We are given scripture after scripture in the Bible that gives us comfort.  Jesus said the world is evil but “I have overcome the world”.  The Bible gives us proof through the Word of Almighty God that Jesus is the answer to all our problems, that we can trust God, and that He takes care of his own.  If you have read to the end of the Bible, you know how things will come out.  God will win.  We Christians will win.  While the Devil seems to be winning now, it is only for a short season.  Jesus will come back and take his followers with him.  Those evil men and the Devil and his demons will be thrown into the bottomless pit of fire and punishment for eternity.  We Jesus followers will enjoy eternity with God in Heaven.  So we will be victorious.  Evil will not be forever.  God will win.  And we can trust Him.

Be faithful.  We are given instructions about how to live life in the Bible.  We can be faithful to these instructions.  We should seek to do good not harm.  We should pray for those, even those who are against us.  We should try to help others.  We should be “ambassadors for Christ”, living our lives with the knowledge that we are the representatives of Jesus here on earth, and therefore we should do as He would do.  We should pray for our leaders.  We should seek the truth and not believe the lies thrust upon us. 

Stand up.  We Christians who know the truth should stand for the truth.  We should resist government obtrusion into our lives.  We should stand behind those who are wronged.  We should stand up for our rights as humans, as Christians, and as Americans.  If there is anything contrary to Christian teaching, we should stand against it.  If the media lies are pervasive, we should correct the lies with the truth.  If the Government tries to harm our citizens, we should stand up to our Government.  If our liberties are being infringed upon, we should stand in resistance.  We can let our voices be heard.  We should oppose perverse teachings to our children in our public schools.  We should oppose mandated vaccinations of individuals.  We should oppose the licensing of unproven drugs given to our precious children.  If we see another person being mistreated, we should take a stand against this injustice.  We who are entrusted with much are required to do more; we have the truth so why not use it to fight injustice.  Our world is “going to Hell in a handbasket” so why don’t we who know the truth do something about it? 

We have a Lord we can trust in good times and in bad.  And we know “the rest of the story”.  Have faith.  Be confident.  But have diligence as we are fighting a war.  A war we will win.  But we must survive the battles.

God bless,

Greg Quinn