Not Of This World

by Greg Quinn

July 16, 2021

I’ve always loved science fiction movies.  So has my brother Boge.  My other two brothers, Jeff and Anthony, could care less.  But Boge and I always loved science fictions and monster movies.  I was especially into them.  As a young boy I would look up into space and try and count the stars and think one day I would be up there.  I would watch every episode of “Star Trek” and “Lost In Space” and other such shows, and in my play time I would become Captain Kirk.  I would dream of what it would be like to live in another world, on Mars perhaps, and fly through space and through other dimensions.  Visit other worlds.  Much like Kirk and Spock.  My conventional guns would be ray guns, and with them I could shoot my way through all the alien monsters who tried to kill us or convert us to being one of them.  At times I would pretend to be living in another world and everyone around me was very strange and alien, and I had to work to survive living in another world.

That was childhood.  I didn’t realize much at the time.

Now I am an adult.  I’ve been here on this globe some 64 years now.  I’ve seen things change.  I’ve seen “make believe” give way to reality.  I’ve accepted the reality of my position here on Earth, and of my real home in Heaven that I will go to one day.  And I’ve seen things that I only dreamed of as a child become real as an adult.

I only dreamed as a young boy looking up into space and wanting to go there that part of my earthly career would be working with NASA in major space projects which launched people and satellites and telescopes into the same “outer space” that I dreamed of as a boy.  As I imagined myself as Captain Kirk as a boy, who would have thought that I could meet and work with real astronauts who fulfilled this imagination.  As I focused on the advanced technologies in my young mind that could get people into space and advanced weapons to kill alien monsters I would not have thought that my work career as an adult would focus on advanced technologies including propulsion, space systems, and weaponry.  As a boy I could imagine it; as an adult I couldn’t have guessed that God listened to me even then and made it so.

God allowed man to create advanced technologies for good, but mankind in our anti-God minds have founds ways of using it for evil.  Today in 2021 we are battling technologies that should have been developed to make life better but instead have caused great harm.  The Coronavirus (Covid19 as it is referred) we have discovered to be a man-made bioweapon that couldn’t even be completed where it originated in the USA due to our laws, but was sent to Wuhan labs in China for completion, and was subsequently released upon an unsuspecting world as a devastating virus that would take lives and change our way of life.  Then experimental drugs called vaccines were created to combat this virus that have now been proven to change our human m-RNA and create spike proteins which will change part of our humanity and kill us instead of heal us.  For monetary and political gain.  Undeniable proof is available that shows the minds of evil men concocted and funded the virus and the vaccines to reduce population (i.e. kill humans).  Governments are mandating behaviors to force us to give up freedoms and shut down economies for political gain.  Even in America, the greatest country on earth, the push to force Americans to take an unproven and dangerous experimental drug is against our Constitution and freedoms we once took for granted, yet today it’s a political agenda that is real and not make-believe.  Our American President has been very vocal about taking away our guns and violating our Second Amendment rights and stripping us of our abilities to adequately defend ourselves against enemies foreign or domestic.  We see what has happened in other countries with this experiment!  Mankind has used our minds, given to us by God, to create great inventions for good and also for evil.  Nations for decades have feared the threat of nuclear war, and this still hangs above the world as a thick cloud.  Modern warfare has changed from using soldiers to unmanned drones to seek and kill the targets.  5G technologies were developed to effectively track people and feed information into large databases of information utilized to remove our privacy and lead to a decline in our freedoms.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving from robotics utilized to help medical and manufacturing advancements into systems to replace humans altogether.  This is not science fiction but reality.  This is the world in which we now live.  A world of make-believe on TV and in the minds of young boys 6 decades ago we now see playing out in the world in which we live today.

But you and I are not of this world.

We were created by God Almighty “in the likeness of God” as human beings, God’s greatest achievement.  We were created to fellowship with God and live in the paradise called Earth that God made for our dominion.  Man’s sin of Adam and Eve caused things to change, a separation was placed between mankind and God due to our sin and rebellion.  Ease gave way to difficulty, sickness began, death took place, problems emerged, and the Earth created for our enjoyment was taken over by Satan (the devil) that seeks to see us harmed and perish and spend eternity in a burning Hell with him.  Yet God loves us so much that, even though we rebelled, He devised a plan for his greatest creation to come back to Him and again fellowship with Him in an eternal loving relationship.  Through the ages it involved sacrifice of animals to appease God and forgive mankind for another period of time.  Until the day when the appeasement of God would be once and forever accomplished through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, upon a cruel cross to take our place and relinquish us from the grip of sin and death.  We exchange our sin for salvation.  We exchange living in a world of pain and strife and struggles and death into a world for which we were originally created, a Heavenly world, where everything is beautiful and perfect and an eternity having fellowship with the God who created us.  Another world.

JOHN 15:19 says, “(Jesus said) If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.”

JOHN 17:14 says, “(Jesus said) I have given them thy word; and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.”

You and I are not of this world.  We are created by God to live forever with Him in Heaven, a world of no pain, no sickness, no evil, no harm, all joy, all peace, all love.  We live here in this Earthly world as a “pilgrim” and a “stranger”, but this is not our home.  Our home is in Heaven.  But just as you must buy a ticket to take a flight on a plane or ride on a train or bus, you must get a “ticket” to go to Heaven.  This ticket is free to you (but it was an expensive price for God).  It is a gift.  It is there to be received.  Free of charge.  You just have to accept it.

How can you one day leave this world of problems and pain to go to an eternity in a better place?  How can you receive this free ticket to eternal freedom?  How can your life while here on Earth be one of peace and joy?  God has a plan for that too.

JOHN 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes on him shall not perish but have everlasting (eternal) life.”

All you have to do is to say a simple prayer and mean it.  Say something like, “God, I know that I am what you call a sinner.  I do wrong.  I think wrong.  I act wrong.  But I believe what the Bible says in that you love me and you have made a way to save me from my wrongdoing.  You sent your Son Jesus to die for my sin.  So according to your Word I ask you to save me and give me this eternal life that you promised in Heaven.  I accept your Son Jesus as my Savior and my Lord and will do my very best to live my life better to please you.  Thank you for saving me Jesus.  Amen.”

If you pray this prayer and believe what you pray, then the Bible confirms that you are saved.  You now are a citizen of a new home.  A new world.  A home in Heaven.  If you prayed this prayer I’d like to know about it.  Please just email me at  I will send you some information to help you in your new walk as a Christian, a Jesus follower, a citizen of a world called Heaven.

So if this world continues to get worse, which it will, and mankind tends to get more evil, and they will, just understand that now you are not of this world.  Your citizenry is now in Heaven.  And you have a new job while here on Earth.  You are to tell as many others about your new citizenship as you can and share with them how they too can join you one day in Heaven, and live a more peaceful life here on Earth, and they too can become “not of this world.”.

God bless,

Greg Quinn