Declaration of Dependence

July 7th, 2004

by Greg Quinn

 We have just celebrated another anniversary of the independence of our great nation, the United States of America.  God has richly blessed the USA over the years.  The reason for this blessing of our country is very simple: we were founded on Christian principles by Christian leaders and we strived as a nation to function so that God would be pleased.  We were founded as a Christian nation.  Our founding fathers placed the Heavenly Father as the true leader of this great nation.  The Declaration of Independence was not just a document to place independence from Britain, but was a “Declaration of Dependence” on the one true God, the God of the Bible. 

 Going back even further, we see the 1620 Mayflower Compact to begin with the phrase, “In the presence of God”.  The 1638 Orders of Connecticut, which most consider the first American constitution, state “We profess the Gospel of Jesus Christ” among its strongest statements.  The Declaration of Independence in 1776 states that we are one nation “under God”.  The 1777 1st Continental Congress document declares that the “Bible is the textbook” for this new nation of America.

 Tour Washington DC, and go into the museums and memorials, and one will read statements from our Founding Fathers that profess their full confidence and dedication to God and to the Bible and to their faith in Jesus Christ.  Read the writings of our greatest American presidents and see their dependence upon the one true God in times of struggle and challenge.  Even those ignorant of religious thought could easily understand from reading the early history of America that we were founded as an independent nation because of our religious beliefs in the God of the Bible.  And, that we have remained the greatest nation on earth not because of our military might, not because of our technological advances, but because in the hearts of American people live the worshipful attitude toward God as shared by our founding fathers.

  The United States of America was founded upon Christian principles, as a Christian nation, with the pronounced professions of our leaders to be as a nation dedicated to God Almighty.  The “Declaration of Dependence” upon God established us as a nation, and has preserved us over the past 228 years as the greatest nation on earth.

Yet, this is changing.

America is falling.  Yes, we still have the best military, we still are the most technologically advanced nation, we still have freedoms that other countries long for, but these are being sacrificed by the people of America.  What the leadership in the history of our great nation have fought to establish and maintain, modern America is throwing away.  The bloodshed that lead to victory after victory and the fighting for a worthy cause have given way to the abasement of morality and trashing of the principles upon which we were established.  We are becoming a nation no longer looked upon as the greatest.  America is falling.

We are boasting of our freedoms to be anti-God and anti-human.  Freedom to us now is not that we can worship the God of the Bible, but that we have the freedom to throw stones at those that do.  Freedom today is the value of pleasure over the value of living for the Creator who made us.  Freedom today is to replace the 10 Commandments of God with new laws written by ungodly men to provide freedoms of destruction for our morality and our nation.  Freedom today places greater importance on the convenience of the mother than the life of the unborn child.  Freedom today allows a vocal minority to strip away from the moral majority their right to prayer in public places.  Freedom today denies the freedoms of our children to openly pray to God in school.  Freedom today changes our American History textbooks from which are children are taught, with all indications that the foundations of this nation were fully dependent upon the God of the Bible removed.  Human freedom today is not as valuable as freedom for domestic animals; penalties for abuse of animals are often more strict than abuse of children.  Freedom in America today advocates the removal of “under God” from our American pledge.  Freedom today allows one to burn the flag of the country that provides them the freedom to do so.  The freedoms we enjoy today have turned our schools from places of learning to war zones of fear and unrest.  Freedom today allows immoral judges to pass laws that spit in the face of the Godly nation that once was America.  Freedom today allows production of movies that are anti-American and draw masses that support these biased anti-American views even during times of war.  Freedom today, for the first time in American history, tells our children that we do not expect them to make it morally.

  We are becoming as insignificant as a people as we choose to become.  We are on the path to becoming second-class nation, a nation despised by men and God.  The freedoms we enjoy have been squandered on our worldly lusts, and those that despise the teachings of God follow the leadership of Satan to twist and confuse our politics and culture.  We are becoming what the founding fathers wanted to get away from.  All because we have deliberately turned our backs upon the God who founded our nation.

We have turned our backs on God for years.  Now, He is turning his back on America.  For the first time, we have our borders invaded by an enemy from another country.  For the first time, bombs erupt in our cities and planes fly into our buildings.  For the first time, the greatest nation of the past 200 years is being abused by a third-world country, and they laugh at us while doing so.  For the first time, other nations question the strength of America.  America is not the economic power of the world any longer.  Diseases wrack our people.  While the freedom to be openly immoral is given, the freedom to be openly spiritual is denied.  We murder our children through abortion.  Other children grow up in fatherless homes.  Children kill children in our schools.  Our culture is changing from pro-God to anti-God.  As we continue to turn our backs upon God, He has no choice but to turn his back on our country.  And, when God fully removes his hand from America, America will fall.  And, we will be the ones to blame.  The “destroying fathers” of modern America will have destroyed what the founding fathers built.  These will be the lessons taught our grandchildren.

What do we do to reverse this imminent danger of the falling of America?  It is simple: we re-state our “Declaration of Dependence”.  We go back to the positions of our founding fathers, as a nation dependent upon the one true God.  We repent of our wrongs.  We change the way we act as Americans.  We strive to serve God instead of serving our sinful pleasures.  We read the Bible and teach it.  We pray for those in leadership positions, and pray for one another.  We again become a nation of those who believe in the one true God, the God of the Bible.  We pray for the traitors that teach anti-American sentiment, and promote and encourage those that teach the truths of God’s Word.  We place more importance on the church than on the mall.  We go back to the Bible.

I cannot put it any more clearly than God himself has done, as evidenced in the following passage of scripture found in 2 Chronicles 7:14.  Let us close by really hearing what God, the Creator of our world, has said to us here.  If we do what He suggests below, only then we will see the salvation of our great country.

“If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Greg Quinn


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