Call Me Paul Revere

 by Greg Quinn

September 10th, 2005 

We all know the story of Paul Revere and his daring ride.  His role was one of warning our new nation’s troops that the British soldiers had been spotted and an invasion was imminent.  His call, “The British are coming!  The British are coming!” ran loud and true across the countryside, readying the troops for the beginning of what would become the independence of our nation.

Well, today, call me Paul Revere.

Many of us from pulpits across the globe have been saying for lifetimes that God would get to a point where he would no longer put up with our rebellion, our unfaithfulness, our evil, and our sin.  Pastors across the world have been telling of the upcoming vengeance of God if we did not turn from our sin and repent.  I think the message has been lost, as most people have not gotten better, but worse.  Our nation has become a nation of ungodliness, one that should make us ashamed by our actions. 

We murder more babies through abortion every year than has died at enemy hands in all the wars throughout our history combined.  We kill more babies than people that die natural deaths, or deaths from car wrecks combined.  We cry loud against drunk driving, but we murder more babies through legal abortion than a lifetime of drunk drivers will kill.  What else?  Marriage is losing its foothold as an institution ordained by God between a man and a woman.  “Till death do us part” is a joke as divorce is so easy and accepted.  Gays and lesbians across the globe our shouting for their rights by taking their ungodly behavior and forcing it down our throats as acceptable behavior, even though it is detestable by a holy God.  If we refuse to accept it, we are penalized and labeled as “intolerant”.  Christians are under more persecution for their faith that at any time in world-wide history, yet the nightly news fails to report this information.  We are considered ignorant and intolerant if we refuse to believe that the god of the Bible, and Jesus Christ, are the only ways of salvation, yet this is clearly the truth.  Our world doesn’t want to hear the truth, and so many tired of trying are giving in, just as the anti-god movement wants.  It’s hard even in Christian circles to hear preaching against sin, against ungodliness, toward being holy and a people pleasing to our Creator.  We don’t want to hear that we are wrong.  We have become so conditioned to the humanism movement, where man is in control of his/her own destiny, that we turn a deaf ear to anything that states otherwise, even though it is truth.  We were once the strongest nation on the planet, and the worst things happened elsewhere, not in America, because we were largely a people dependent upon God Almighty for protection and direction. 

Now, however, look at what is happening.  Terrorism is in America.  There are bombings in our cities.  Our kids are killing other kids.  It is rare to find a couple that hasn’t been divorced at least once.  Latch-key kids are raising themselves.  Church attendance is continually falling.  Pulpits sing out what people want to hear instead of what they need to hear.  Gays and lesbians are obtaining more rights than Christians, and their detestable behavior is accepted by man, yet hated by God.  Storms and catastrophic events that used to be elsewhere are in America.  New diseases are taking more and more lives.  Ungodliness is rampant as people are killing even family members for no reason.  The economic impact is beginning to hurt badly, and there are more poor people in America than at any time in my lifetime.  Debt is on the rise, both in households and as a nation, and we cannot repay our debt.  We are engaged in a war overseas that I believe is righteous to help a fallen people, but a war that we cannot win.  Yet we have a war here in America that is more significant.  For many, many years, the eyes of America have fallen off the holy God who has made us great, and now we are just beginning to reap the harvest for our sinfulness.

“The British are coming!  The British are coming!”

We are in trouble as a nation.  We are in trouble as a world.  The evil forces of Satan are taking over.  Ungodliness is giving way to the rise of the antichrist, as predicted in the Revelation as recorded in the Holy Bible.  And, unless we Christians unite and do something to gain God’s grace once again, I fear that we will see calamities of unprecedented proportion. 

Let me tell you a truth, something you will not read on or see on CNN or your network news.  A few days before Hurricane Katrina, a small group of churches and Christians in New Orleans were trying to prevent the Gay and Lesbian annual meeting from coming to New Orleans.  New Orleans had become “sin city” and the city was welcoming this convention with open arms.  Just a few people who loved God cried against this movement, trying to keep it out of New Orleans.  The leader of this national gay organization was quoted as saying, just a few days before Katrina struck the city, as a rebuttal to the small Christian movement, the following statement.  Let this ring home with you.  “Nothing will keep us from having our convention in New Orleans.  Neither hell nor high water will keep us out of this city.”  Katrina struck.  God’s vengeance was poured out.  And, hell and high water hit the city and claimed many lives.  God will not be mocked.

Something else perhaps you didn’t know.  The name Katrina means “purification”.  It is significant that this hurricane with a name meaning purification has perhaps been a message from God of purification for an evil city, and a warning for a sinful country.

Call me Paul Revere.  My call today, “The vengeance of God is coming!  The vengeance of God is coming”, should ready us to holiness and cause our nation to fall back on its face, repent of our sins, and pray before it is too late for God to intervene and help us as a people.

Had the people many, many years ago not heeded Paul Revere’s warning, then we would have been defeated and perhaps the greatest nation in the history of the world would not have developed.  But, people listened and America was formed.

Today, if you but listen, perhaps America will be saved.

- Greg Quinn


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