Be Thankful

by Greg Quinn

November 26, 2003

  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  We often look at Thanksgiving and put much thought into the pilgrims and Indians, which is a good thing to do.   To make it a bit more personal, however, the true spirit of Thanksgiving is for each of us to look at what we have, and be thankful to the one true God that is so good to us.  As I reflect upon things that I am truly thankful for, I ask that you do the same.  You can use this time of thankfulness to draw closer to God, and re-dedicate yourself to fulfilling your purpose for your life as an instrument of the Lord.  None of us are here by accident, and there dwells within each of us a great purpose.  Letís be thankful for the opportunities, blessings, and even challenges, as we continue on the journey set before us. 

Iím thankful forÖ..

My family

My friends

The Bible

My ability to work

The work and business opportunities that God has blessed me with

My health

The health of my family and friends

Great opportunities to achieve

My possessions

The things I really donít need

Things that have went wrong to teach me positive lessons

The ability to share my faith

Courage to do whatís right

Godís grace when we mess up

A home awaiting me in Heaven

Strength through Christ to resist temptation

Enthusiasm each day to attempt to make a positive difference in the world around me

A free country

The freedoms we enjoy by living in the greatest nation on earth

The brave men and women who paid the greatest of sacrifices to win those freedoms for us all

Godís work in the leadership of our Nation

The opportunity each day to strive to be more like Jesus

And certainly, Salvation through Christís sacrifice

What are you thankful for?

As you reflect upon your list, I encourage you to write them down.  Keep the list.  When things go wrong, as they often do, take out the list and look at it again.  Iíve found that itís very hard to be bitter or depressed when you focus on the good things God has brought into your life.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Greg Quinn

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