Witz Sport Cases


by Greg Quinn

photography by Greg Quinn

February 15th, 2009




The Gunblast boys recently returned from SHOT 09.  Another successful SHOT Show.  If you haven’t already, check out the SHOT activity from the show.  The best new products on the market are previewed by us every year, and we get the information up for your review before any other publication. 

On the last day of SHOT, I typically look for new non-gun products.  Things of use to gun-owners but stuff not normally shopped for.  Or even known about.   Things that typically don’t turn us on, or things we don’t look for, but sometimes the “cool factor” or usefulness makes me glad I stopped at their booth.  Such was the case with Witz cases. 

Witz sport cases are waterproof cases designed for various small purposes.  Their clear “See It Safe” case is good for business cards, credit cards, cash, etc.  It is waterproof, clear, and compact size (2.5”x3.7”x.75”).  The E2000 “Phone Locker” is a good size for a cell phone, and designed for that purpose.  The size is 2.99”x4.9”x1.3”.  It has both a belt clip and latching carabiner.  It has foam end pads and a felt lining to protect the phone.  It is good for cell phones, PDAs, GPS, MP3, and small digital cameras.  Their “Utility Locker” floats, is waterproof, is crush resistant (like all Witz Sport Cases), plus has tie down loops, and foam padding.  Their “Keep it Safe” (2.7”x4.3”x1.3”) has a nylon lanyard, carabiner, and is waterproof for small items.  It has a rubber o-ring seal and is lightweight.  The carabiner on most models is great for clipping to bags, belt, etc.  They have positive security latches.  Prices are inexpensive and good insurance for your valuables.

To find out more about Witz cases, go to www.witzprod.com.

Greg Quinn

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