Seahorse Cases: Quality Protection at an Affordable Price


by Greg Quinn

photography by Greg Quinn

August 14th, 2008




Seahorse Cases are another quality gun case on the market.  Similar to other polymer (plastic) cases, they offer all-weather protection and a variety of sizes.  Seahorse cases are high-quality and offer excellent protection of your firearms or equipment at an affordable price.

The Seahorse SE920 is their largest airline carry-on hard case, meaning you can bypass the airline checking process. It will fit in most overhead compartments.  It has wide track wheels and built-in telescoping handle for easy rolling.  Part of the Hurricane SE series, they are designed to provide great protection at affordable prices.  And, like all Seahorse cases, can be ordered direct from the manufacturer.

The SE920 has outside dimensions of approximately 24x16x10, and is available in black, gunmetal gray, safety yellow, and international orange.  Inside dimensions are roughly 22x13.5x8.5.  Suggested retail online is $120 (plus foam and accessories; all Seahorse cases are customized per order). 

The  Seahorse SE1220 easily holds 11 handguns (x3 rows, or 33 handguns!) in its 25.5x19.5x13 interior size.  Good thing it has rollers, and strong ones.  A huge case that can be designed to take a whole shooting days supply of handguns, ammo, and accessories.  Foam can be cut to shape.  This is recommended for the transport of handguns, especially when putting guns within the 3 layers of high-density foam.  It is also available in black, gray, yellow, or orange.  This case features a telescoping handle and strong wheels, and features as do all other Seahorse cases.  We ordered it with several layers of foam (they call it Accufoam, which allows rapid customizing to fit any weapon or item being carried).  The SE1220 is the biggest case Seahorse offers.  If you want to travel to your next out-of-town shoot with a dozen handguns, ammo, and a weeks worth of clothing in one case, this one is for you.  Suggested retail is $200, plus the cost of foam and accessories. 

The SE710CC computer case retails for $165; about the price of a typical quality leather computer bag.  For the same money, you get many times the protection.  Offering protection from dropping, shock, and water, this is one tough computer case.  The SE710CC features the Seahorse automatic pressure purge system, molded-in padlock holes, latches including keyed chrome metal locks, molded foam laptop insert, lid office organizer, and a padded shoulder strap.  Inside dimensions of the computer case are roughly 18x13x5.  Exterior dimensions are 19.75x15.53x5.413 (to be exact).  The SE710CC comes in the same colors as other Seahorse cases; gray, black, yellow, or orange.  Our bright yellow (OSHA safety yellow) case will be hard to mix up with the other computer cases around the office.  My only complaint is that I would like to see it offered with wheels, as the case is relatively heavy on its own, without equipment or files inside.  But, for a thin and relatively small computer case, it is very tough and a decent bargain.

All Seahorse cases feature an automatic pressure purge system.  This eliminates the need for a separate purge devise, but is not quite as accurate as these more expensive separate purge systems (as with Starlight cases).  All Seahorse cases feature molded-in padlock holes.  All are available with or without multilayer Accufoam foam.  Latches can be available with keyed chrome metal locks (as in the Computer Case) or tough plastic latches.

All Seahorse cases feature a lifetime unconditional guarantee.  And, all Seahorse cases are manufactured right here in the good ol USA.  These two features alone should help cement your purchase decision.

Seahorse cases are tough.  While I didnt run over them with a truck as I did the Starlight cases, these cases take second fiddle in toughness only to Starlight from cases we have evaluated over the past several years.  The cases do support a 200-pound southern boy well indeed, without any collapsing or difficulty of any sort.  Seahorse cases are priced reasonably, are very tough, have a lifetime warranty, and are American made. 

Negatives?  It depends on the application.  I would like to see a long-gun case from Seahorse, but they do not manufacture one.  If you need a long-gun case, then youll need to look elsewhere.  Seahorse cases are probably geared more toward the industrial user than the gun owner, but the industrial users are a tougher market to please.  I personally like the positive J-lock latch feature and the separate purge system of the Starlight case better, and the Starlight cases are in my mind the toughest gun case on the market, but much depends on how much money you want to spend and the application for the case.  If you are looking for a high-quality case, with a lifetime warranty, excellent materials and design flexibility, at an affordable price, then Seahorse cases may be the ones for you.  Check them out at

Greg Quinn

Seahorse SE710CC computer case showing the flexibility of the case.  Shown in the SE710CC are the following: Springfield TRP in a Galco SOB holster model SOB212 in tan, Verizon Wireless Blackberry Pearl cell phone, "Make Your Vote Count" book by Frontline Books (subtitle, "What The Bible Says About 25 Key Political Issues for 2008"...a must-read), Kershaw model 1600BLK speed safe pocket knife, FNH Viper X11 flashlight, custom stag handled fixed blade knife by Arno Bernard, and Apple Mac Powerbook.



The interior of the Seahorse computer case.  Great features such as a practically indestructible construction and materials, high-density rubberized foam showing the computer cradle and excellent storage compartments under the computer cradle, and expanding file folder sections and cell phone and PDA pockets in the top of the case.



SE710CC computer case front.  Excellent design and construction at an affordable price.  Waterproof, shock resistant computer travel protection.  The bright yellow color (various colors are available) makes it hard to miss as well.   



Seahorse computer case is a very tough and durable way to protect your notebook computer and other electronic accessories.  Features include lockable latches, high density polymer construction, waterproof design, plenty of storage inside, high impact handles, and a shoulder carry strap.  Besides, it is a different computer case than probably anyone else in your office.

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This photo shows an example of the handgun capacity of the Seahorse SE1220.  Pictured left to right are: top row, Glock 21 custom by High Ready Tactical in their proprietary "Artic Snakeskin" finish, Glock 19 with Crimson Trace Lasergrips, Sig P229 with Trijicon sights, Taurus PT1911, vintage Smith & Wesson M27, center row, Ruger Bisley .45 colt 7.5, SW M63 in .22, Ruger New Vaquero .45 Colt 7.5, Springfield TRP, bottom row, Ruger Single Six Birds Head in .32 Magnum, and FNP 45.  Thats 11 handguns on one row.  Conceivably, one could carry 30-35 handguns safely in this baby.



This photo is another shot of the Seahorse SE1220, showing the depth of the case.  Three rows of handguns are possible in this case.  Note that if these guns were going to be carried in this case, the high-density foam would be cut to allow a precise fit for each handgun.  One might not actually fit this many handguns per row, but this shows that it is possible with this large case.  This photo also shows the thickness of the case construction, latches, and carry handles.  It is a very strong and reliable product, at a good price point.



This picture shows the wheels of the SE1220.  With capacity this large, wheels are necessary.  Another nice touch is a carry handle on each end.



All wheeled Seahorse cases include a really strong locking telescoping carry handle.  This is a really good design that, unlike many others, will not "fold in" when carrying.



All Seahorse cases offer interior design flexibility, from foam to padded compartments to empty.  This removable padded compartment section, with individual dividers than can be moved via Velcro closures, presents an excellent method for carrying anything from photographic equipment to ammunition.  All Seahorse cases feature an eggshell foam lid interior for shock protection and O-ring seals for water protection.  Carry handles are well designed and constructed.



Seahorse SE920 with photo divider interior.  Note dual carry handles, holes for padlocks, and well-padded interior (with padding that is removable).  All Seahorse cases offer a lifetime warranty.