American Tactical Imports GSG-5PK Semi-Auto .22 Pistol


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

December 27th, 2008




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Back in June of this year, I reviewed the GSG-5 semi-automatic .22 carbine from American Tactical Imports. The German Sport Guns carbine is a replica of the German MP-5 submachine gun, but with a sixteen inch barrel and a full buttstock. Since then, shooters have eagerly awaited the availability of the pistol version, and I have been playing with the GSG-5PK for a few weeks now. Replicating the PK version of the MP-5 subgun, the GSG-5PK is a fun little gun to shoot. Perhaps “little” is not the proper term for a .22 pistol that weighs just over five pounds unloaded, but it is a compact weapon, and the weight is there to give the feeling of the MP-5PK 9mm submachine gun. The GSG-5PK operates just like the carbine version, so I won’t go into all the details here, but it is basically a blowback operated semi-automatic pistol, feeding from a ten round single-stack magazine, but it will also use the larger 22-round magazine from the carbine. The pistol has no buttstock, and wears a barrel that measures approximately four and three-quarters inches in length. The barrel barely protrudes from the front of the handguard, which has an integral hand stop to prevent the shooter’s fingers from getting in front of the muzzle. The barrel is threaded for a supplied muzzle brake, and wears a thread protector for use without the brake. Hopefully, American Tactical Imports will supply a thread adaptor to use standard ˝-28 threaded sound suppressors, as the compact GSG-5PK would be just perfect with a can attached. With the proper tools, a machine shop could thread the outside of the thread protector to accept a can, but since this pistol does not belong to me, I could not have that done. However, I did consult with a machine shop about doing the work, and they expected the job to be rather simple. Anyway, hopefully soon, a thread adaptor will be commercially available.

The trigger pull on the sample gun was butter-smooth, and measured four pounds, five ounces on my trigger pull scale. It is not a crisp trigger, but more of a very light double action feel, for lack of a better description. Functioning was pretty good, with the occasional failure to fire when new, but after about 75 rounds, no other malfunctions were experienced, and the gun ran just fine. I used mostly Federal bulk hollowpoints in the GSG-5PK, but also tried some Wolf Match ammo for accuracy. For accuracy testing, I mounted a scope atop a Leaper’s claw mount, and received a stellar performance from the PK. Twenty-five yard groups were well under one inch for ten shots, and with a better-fitting rest, I think the accuracy would have been even better. With the rest that I was using, the magazine was touching the adjustment lever, and was not as solid as I would have liked. However, despite that, the accuracy was outstanding, and I was well-pleased with the pistol’s performance. For just monking around, as the Yoopers say, I mounted a Trijicon Reflex dot sight, which made plinking away at rocks and such a lot of fun.

The GSG-5PK is easy to shoot. The controls are uncomplicated, and the safety is ambidextrous. The magazine loads easily also, and feeds the cartridges smoothly into the chamber. The sights are just like on the carbine, and are typical H&K German design, with a four-position rotating rear drum and a post front.

The GSG-5PK is a fun gun. Not designed for small game hunting or for precision target work, the pistol has plenty of accuracy for either, but is more at home plinking away at targets of opportunity like rocks, balloons, candy wafers, eggs, or steel action targets. The PK is a blast to shoot, and using .22 Long Rifle ammunition, one can shoot all day for just a little money. Sometimes, “just for fun” is reason enough to own a gun, and the GSG-5PK is loads of fun!

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Jeff Quinn


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The GSG-5PK comes with a hard case...



...chamber brush, thread-protector wrench, and key for supplied trigger lock...



...removable thread protector (top) and muzzle brake (bottom).



Sights consist of a protected post front (top) and four-position rotating drum rear.



Trijicon reflex dot sight is right at home on the GSG-5PK.



The GSG-5PK is plenty accurate for plinking, small-game hunting or precision target shooting.

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American Tactical Imports GSG-5PK Semi-Auto .22 Pistol.



The GSG-5PK is supplied with a ten-shot magazine.



The PK can also use the larger-capacity 22-round carbine magazines.




Ambidextrous safety.





Charging handle.





Handguard has a stop to prevent shooter's hand from getting in front of the muzzle.





Trigger is easy to reach.