New Options for Freedom Arms Revolvers


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

May 11th, 2004




Freedom Arms is known worldwide for producing the finest production revolvers in existence. Their Model 83, chambered for powerful big bore cartridges, has been used to take the world’s largest and most dangerous game. Their rimfire revolvers are the most accurate that I have ever fired. The compact Model 97 is one of the handiest little single action revolvers ever devised, and is built to the same impeccable standards as their larger guns.

Freedom offers several options  on their revolvers, including grip materials, barrel lengths, custom serial numbers, different sight configurations, etc. Recently, they have introduced two new options that should prove to be extremely popular with shooters of these fine revolvers.

The Round Butt grip frame option is available on any Freedom Arms revolver, either on a new order, or retrofitted to a customer’s existing gun. The grip frame is rounded at the back, and offers a unique feel to the weapon. The treatment is not as radical as a bird’s-head, but makes the grip feel much more compact than the square backed standard grip. It should also make the gun a bit more concealable, if that is a concern.

The second new option  is offered on any centerfire Freedom revolver, either as a new order or retrofitted to an existing gun. That is the "Shortened Barrel" option. On the large framed Model 83, the barrel is shortened to four inches, and on the compact Model 97, it is shortened to three and one-half inches. 

Both options are pictured here on a Model 97 chambered for the .45 Colt cartridge. The little Model 97, while already compact, takes on a delightful handling quality with the two new options. On the sample gun, as on all Freedom Arms firearms, the fit, finish, and timing were perfection. The handy little gun weighs just under 34 ounces, and tucks easily into a jeans pocket. As can be seen in the pictures, the short barrel and smooth round grip really enhance the handiness of the little gun.

Shooting the short barrel proved to be no handicap to accuracy. The excellent sights and tight tolerances made the 97 easy to keep on target. I requested that Freedom send one of their wonderful Lovell scope mounts with the revolver, which they did, but I could not bring myself to mount a scope on this handy little jewel. I preferred to shoot it as delivered. As usual, the trigger pull and functioning were perfect. While the ejector rod is necessarily short with the short barrel, case ejection was still easy.

The Round Butt option costs $162, either on a new gun or retrofitted to a customer’s gun. The shortened barrel option is $215, which is also the same price whether on a new gun or a customer’s gun.

Both of these options really enhance the handiness and feel of these fine Freedom Arms revolvers.  Freedom Arms offers better than custom gun quality at a much less than custom gun price. These new options are another way to make your Freedom Arms revolver even better, if you want handiness, accuracy, and power in the world’s finest production revolver.

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 Jeff Quinn


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Freedom Arms' new Short Barrel and Round Butt Grip Frame options make for a much handier revolver, while maintaining the legendary ruggedness, accuracy, power and beauty of the world's finest production revolver.



With the Short Barrel and Round Butt Grip Frame options, Freedom Arms' Model 97 .45 Colt is not very much larger than Jeff's .38 Smith & Wesson pocket carry gun.