Barranti’s Boot

by Fermin Garza

June 29th, 2021

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Cleanly executed by Barranti Leather The Boot is shown here with a J frame S&W. That Ulticlip is a beast!!



The Boot is a tuckable deep concealment holster.


Here is The Boot exposed by lifting the shirt tail and ready to draw. As this is a deep concealment holster for safety’s sake remove the holster to reholster your revolver.

I am certainly not one to heap unwarranted praise every time something new comes my way. I had been aware of Mike “Doc” Barranti’s Boot holster for some time. Our mutual friend and brother Mark Hargrove came up with the concept and I watched it develop with mild interest. Then in July of 2020 I took up Mountain Biking and ordered one of Mike’s Boot holsters to keep in the bag on the handles of my bike. It did a great job protecting my Smith 351 PD 22 magnum, but then the day came when I had a flat.

I had to separate my pistol from my bike when I dropped it off to get fixed so I clipped The Boot to my bike shorts and was immediately amazed. I mean that thing was clamped on there. The clamp system itself is extremely strong and it holds on like a Pit-bull on a Pork Chop. The correct moniker for said clamp system is Ulticlip.  Combined with the light weight of my Smith, the tidy little package was not only secure but it didn’t cause my bike shorts to sag at all. Ok, I was impressed.

A couple months later my wife decreed that I would dress appropriately for a visit to the San Antonio Riverwalk and Mercado. It was too warm for a jacket and with a tucked in shirt my normal inside the waistband carry was out. I checked with Mike and sure enough the little Boot Holster was indeed tuckable. But I had another idea….

During its development, our friend Mark Hargrove had taken to clipping his Boot Holster to the inside of his boot. Now I am sort of built like a 5 inch section of a 2X4 and run about 225 pounds on a 5'-7” frame. So I don’t have much room between my calf and the shank of my boot but in a moment of curiosity I clamped that mean little Ulticlip onto the top of my boot. My skeptical brain wondered how long it would take before the rough out leather started to chafe my shin skin. We walked about 5 or 6 miles that day and the day after that. I kinda forgot The Boot was in my boot. Since I have discovered this, it has completely done away with any excuse I might have for not having a second gun on me to back up my high capacity 9mm Sig inside my britches.

Thinking about it some highlights just how versatile this super secure clip on holster named The Boot can be. Boot Gun. Bag Gun. Second Gun. Ladies can clamp this thing just about anywhere you can think of. Shorts. Lingerie. Purse.  One of my favorite Doctors is a gun guy and runs around all day at work in scrubs. I ordered one for him since I already know with a lightweight snub in it it won’t drag his scrubs down around his ankles.  I also ordered one for a buddy on Homeland Security SWAT. You should consider these a most excellent gift for friends and relatives. This excellent unit is $75.00 USD. There is very little available in the gun world today that offers so much quality, utility, and versatility, and for such a low price. Look for The Boot at!

Fermin Garza

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Click pictures for a larger version.



Mark Hargrove conceived The Boot as a deep concealment rig.



Lots to see here. Gunsite headmaster Ed Head teaching, me on the left field testing the Barranti Chairman rig, and finally Mike “Doc” Barranti shows us how little footprint The Boot leaves. It’s inside his waistband behind his right hip!