Firearms Multimedia Guide DVD Software for Windows


by Jeff Quinn

March 13th, 2010

UPDATED January 22nd, 2011





The New 2011 version of the Firearms Multimedia Guide now has listings for over 50,000 firearms. Also new for this version, the guide now has over 1550 detailed schematics, with the ability to zoom in on each part for a detailed view. This makes it an even more valuable resourse for the gun collector, gunsmith, or just the average gun owner who likes to maintain his weapons.


I usually do not review any software programs as a rule. The reason is that, first of all, is all about guns. We do stray occasionally into reviewing a knife or two, if it is really something special, and we also have a political section, of which I mostly avoid. I would greatly prefer that our political pieces reflect only politics as it relates to gun ownership, and to not post all that other political crap, but Gunblast is not mine alone. I am but a partner. Anyway, back to software. I am not what anyone would call a “computer guy”.  To me, computers are necessary for what I do, and the internet is how I convey my views on firearms and related topics to the public. The only print media for which I write is the annual Gun Digest, in which I write the section dealing with revolvers, single-shot pistols, and derringers. Everything else that I write goes out by way of the internet. While I can email my reviews and pictures to our webmaster, and answer a bunch of emails everyday, that is the extent of my computer knowledge. Therefore, more than for any other reason, I am unqualified to write a review on any software product. However, in this case, I make an exception, for the software program lightly reviewed here is a very useful resource for shooters, gun owners, and anyone who might be in the market for a new firearm. It is like having hundreds of firearm manufacturer’s catalogs at your fingertips, only not as heavy. 

The Firearms Multimedia Guide is a program on DVD that works with modern Windows software, including Vista, XP, and 7. It runs easily, with no downloads required. Just pop in the DVD and it starts automatically. It is very simple to use, and that is what I like. The program is easy to navigate, and pretty self-explanatory. It is just a matter of clicking on the information that is desired, whether it be info on a shotgun, rifle, handgun, or ammunition, and even black powder firearms. The Guide has many thousands of high-resolution pictures of many variations of the same weapon. For instance, I was just recently reviewing the Marlin Model 60. Finding that info on all of the current variations offered was easy to do, and the Firearms Multimedia Guide even has better pictures and more information on the various styles of the Model 60 than was available on the Marlin website. The high-resolution images are superb! They show pictures of every variation currently offered by the manufacturers, and clicking on the images zooms in for highly detailed views of the firearms. Along with the pictures are listed detailed specifications, such as weight, barrel length, trigger pull, drop at heel and comb, action type, finish, overall length, stock material, list price, country of manufacture, and many more details on each model.

The Firearms Multimedia Guide has the firearms of most, if not all, of the manufacturers in the world, even small shops like Wild West Guns and Chey-Tac are listed, along with the products that they manufacture. Of course, all of the major gun manufacturers are included as well, along with every firearm manufactured in every variation currently offered. Along with each firearm, caliber-specific data is included, so that the user may see the variations in barrel length and weight as it differs between cartridge chamberings offered in the same weapon.  I do want to note here that only current or very recent weapon specifications are listed. For instance, if you want info on Grandpa’s old Savage 99, that information is not available on this DVD.

In addition to the firearm data listed, there is also a handy cartridge conversion chart that lists caliber designations, translating American cartridges into their European metric and Continental designations. Also included are 500 printable targets, including animal and object images, as well as bulls-eye type and graphic targets.  The DVD is worth the price for the target images alone.

Anyway, there is a vast wealth of information and very high quality pictures on this DVD. Info covering 345 manufacturers, 24,000 high-res images, and a massive amount of data is all on this one DVD. Even the manufacturer’ catalog numbers are listed, to make it very easy to call up your local dealer and order the exact weapon that you want.

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Jeff Quinn


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